Austria: The Planning, part 1

When planning for this trip to Austria, I had already decided that this trip was about eating and shopping, with some trips to specific museums, especially when visiting Vienna.  I’ve already hinted to my Austrian friend, Ramona, that I couldn’t wait to sample the various sweet treats that Austria has to offer.

I am visiting Austria (Klagenfurt and Vienna) for 7 days.    As I mentioned in my previous post, my friend, Ramona, is getting married and I am one of the bride’s maids.  I’m really honored to be one of her bridesmaids.  And I’ll also be her guest while I am visiting Klagenfurt.  Ramona and her soon-to-be husband, Robert will be show me around, and I have no doubt that they will be wonderful hosts. 

I am spending two days in Vienna by myself.  I have my trusty Eyewitness Travel guidebook to Vienna with me.  I love the Eyewitness Travel guidebooks.  They are indispensable!  Great maps, brief and precise descriptions of sites, and you can’t beat the fact that the book is full of images and in color on heavy weight glossy paper!  I also have a mapguide of Vienna by Knopf called Knopf Mapguides: VIENNA.  I thought it was a neat little book of maps, and recommendations of neat places to eat authentic Viennese foods, and places to shop.

While in Vienna, I plan to visit the MUMOK, Museum of Modern Art.  The MUMOK is located in an area called the MuseumsQuartier Wien.  I’d also like to check out the Architekturzentrum WIen while I am there.  And if time permits, visit the Leopold Museum to view masterpieces by Klimt.  I’d also like to check out Kunst Haus Wien, which is a design museum housed in a quirky looking building.  I’m excited about visiting this place; it looks like a lot of fun.

I’ve been branded with the term, foodie by my friends.  I enjoy food and revel in the taste experience that comes with trying new and wonderful things, as well as indulging in my favorites.  I definitely enjoy fine dining.  It’s always such an experience of being ushered to your seat as though you are the guest of honor, the waiters being ever so attentive, and the first bite to the last bite of each course always feels like a heavenly dream.  And at the same time, I enjoy common or street food.  There’s nothing like street food.  Served fresh off the grille or whatever cooking instrument.  It smells aromatic and savory, and tastes even better!  

I’m looking forward to stuffing my face full of würst!  I like a good würst!  And supposedly there is a stall that sells the best in Vienna not too far from my hotel in the Stephansdom district of Vienna.  And if the information in the mapguides is correct, they are open from 7am to 5am!  I know where I will be going for a late night snack before I return to NYC.  I’m also excited to sample the Austrian wines, especially their ice wines.  Ice wines are like liquid dreams.  And lets not forget about the famous Sachertort; gotta sample that.  And the only place worth sampling the famous dessert is at the Hotel Sacher where it originated.  I haven’t figured out where to dine in Vienna yet.  I don’t know if I want to do fine dining by myself.  I prefer to share the experience.

I am treating myself to a day spa at Hotel Loisium, Hotel Spa just one hour outside of Vienna.  I would have liked to stay at the hotel, but as I just stated, it’s an hour outside the hotel.  The hotel was designed by Steven Holl, one of the main reasons that I want to check out the hotel.  And while I am there, I will take in a couple of spa treatments.

Six days until I travel to Austria!


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