Austria: Packing

It’s time to pack.

Picked up my dress for the wedding from the dry cleaners; check. That’s a major check off the list. Next, I have to decide which pair of shoes to wear with it. I must remember to pack the bracelets that Ramona sent me; which the bridesmaids are to wear. I also must remember to print the poem she sent me to read at the ceremony. The poem is really lovely and it’s in English so no worries of butchering the German language and embarrassing myself.

Now I just have to pack some comfortable clothes and shoes.

The weather in Austria is a bit cooler than NYC and probably not as humid. The average temperature is in the high 60’s so I’ll pack a cardigan and jacket. The wedding is up in the mountains so I’ll definitely need a little something extra to keep me warm.

As for electronics, I’m taking my new Macbook and iPod Touch (I love my iPT!), cameras, and my trusty cell phone. I entertained the idea of buying a new camera but I needed more time to do my research. I could take my analog manual camera. I’ll need to get a new battery for it. Let’s see if I have time to go pick up a camera battery.

And lastly, toiletries and make-up. I place all my toiletries in a zip lock bag so nothing spills onto my clothes. And seeing as airlines are limiting how many luggage you’re allowed to check-in before you pay a penalty fee, I’ll have to pack it in my suitcase as opposed to a separate luggage. I should check with the airline and find out if I am limited to the number of luggage I am allowed to check-in. .

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