Making a list and checking it twice

I’ve got another small load of laundry to do but I basically have my packing almost done as far as clothes is concerned. I picked up a pair of stockings to wear with the dress. I haven’t worn stockings in a while but I think it will be a little too cool to go bare legged. They are a nice pair of stockings. They’re from Givenchy, and they are nude with a bit of shimmer; a favorite of mine. I also picked up another press powder compact although given the way my face has been breaking out, pressed powder will not be enough to hide the flaws. I tried some of these acne regiments but they don’t seem to work 100%. It’s annoying. It could be stress related. Maybe my face will improve when I get over to Austria.

I also picked up a power airline adapter for my Macbook to use while on the plane. I’m not sure what sort of access I’ll have but I will at least have the time to acquaint myself with some of the applications on the Mac. I wonder if there is Internet access on planes?

I have a tip to share. Instead of taking along a bottle of shampoo,I am taking samples. You can get shampoo samples from Sephora stores. They will either give you a packaged sample from the manufacturer or they will make you a sample. One less bottle to carry and potential mess. In fact I have collected a number of samples from shopping at Sephora, which will save me the trouble of carrying bottles and limit the potential mess. Not to mention one less thing to remember to pack when I return. I won’t get too heart broken if I forget to pack some toiletry samples.

Also, must not forget to pack my power adaptor/converter and all my various chargers. Definitely can’t leave home without it.


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