Iberia and turbulence

Three hours into the flight…

I was tired as soon as I sat down. I started to pass out as we were taking off. It’s been a long time since I flew to Europe. The last trip was to the Czech Republic and to Hungary.

They had a new thing on the screen that they’ve never displayed before. We’ve all seen the flight path; the diagram that shows you the flight path to your destination. Now they show you your taxiing and take off from the rear and sort overhead view of the plane. It was pretty cool.

As soon as we were up in the air we were pretty much house arrest. I guess it was due to some bit of turbulence. I’ve been on planes where it was a bit turbulent but we were not stuck in our seats. During the three hours of fly time, the passengers only had two opportunities to use the restrooms.

Now they are preparing the meals.


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