Iberian meal, dos estrellas

Iberia Airlines is an a Spanish airline. Typically, airlines from a specific country serve food that is typical of that country. Likewise, airlines flying to a specific destination will offer food typically available in the destination you are traveling to. For instance I flew Cathay Airlines to Vancouver, British Columbia. Cathay is a Chinese airline company that offered Chinese food on the menu but going to Vancouver they offered a meal that was typical of Vancouver like smoked salmon.

On Iberia, we had a choice of pollo I carne. I chose pollo. It turned out to curried chicken and rice with a side of cooked spinach. I was surprised about the curried chicken. And there was a salad that I think was typical for Italian with Italian dressing. For dessert, there was a sort of light cheesecake. The cheesecake was pretty good but I was getting full so I didn’t enjoy it as much.

Overall, the meal was okay but I have had better culturally matched airplane foods.

2 stars.

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