In Klagenfurt

Arrived in Klagenfurt, and was glad to finally have arrived.  It was a long journey but I made it and my friend, Ramona greeted me at the train station.  We went straight to her apartment where we dropped off my things, relaxed a bit and went out to see the town of Klagenfurt.  We went to a nearby lake called Wörther See.  It’s the biggest lake in Carinthia.

Austria has nine provinces.  Carinithia is one of the nine, and where my friend lives.  In fact, Klagenfurt is the provinical capital of Carinthia.

We also briefly visited the downtown area which comprised of historical buildings, an Alter Platz (Old Square), and a Neuer Platz (New Square).  We saw the famous troll of Klagenfurt, and the Lindwurm dragon.

Klagenfurt, Austria

The Lindwurm Dragon

Wörther See - Manndl

Wörther See - Manndl


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