Loos’ American Bar

One of the places I was advised to go when in Vienna us the American Bar. A bar designed by famed architect, Adolf Loos. The bar is off of Kartner Strasse even though the address says otherwise.

The bar itself is small. It is approximately 20 x 15 feet. The bar us in one side and the banquets are in the opposite side. Try also gave outdoor seating but due to the rain everyone is indoors and puffing away. Smiling is permitted in permitted in bars and restaurants. One day they will change that like NYC and Paris.

There is one bartender and the are two other employees who tended on customers. The bartender is a good looking older gentleman (late 40’s or early 50’s?). He’s very nice.  In fact, he offered me the seat in front of the bartender station of the bar when he noticed I was moving my seat because the woman who i was sitting next to was a bit rude and smoking.  He also informed a man that he was standing too close me; the man was bumping into me as if I didn’t exist. And the bartender knows what he is doing. He recommended a champagne cocktail, French 75. It was perfect.

Next drink is called a Lina Loos. A vodka based drink with creme de cassis.

…I don’t like it and may not finish it. I don’t like vodka too much.

Something I should note, drinks here are on the $$$$ side especiay with the american dollar doing so poorly.

The French 75 is 13 euros and the Lina Loos is 9 euros.

Am ending the evening with the French 75. Could not drink anymore of the Lina Loos.

The good lookinng bartender made me a special mint tea. He said it is Arabian mint tea. The mint tea reminds me of Morocco. Mmmmmm!

1. Take the bartender’s recommendation.
2. If you don’t like vodka, don’t drink vodka based drinks.

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