Hollmann Salon

Today is my last evening here in Vienna. I barely got to know Vienna.

I am having dinner at the hotel. Well, the restaurant is not in the hotel per se but a little walk. It is owned and run by the same person as the hotel. The restaurant is called Hollmann Salon.

Like the hotel, it is decorated in the same style; minimal architectural structure but tastefully decorated with a mix of retro elements and contemporary design objects. White is the running color and black is the accent.

The menu is offered as a prix fix but you have the option to select as you like. The prix fix is a great value and I recommend that you go with the prix fix menu, and the price includes an appertif. The menu also offers vegetarian alternatives although limited.

I selected the four course meal. It starts off with a smoked trout served with a foamy frothy horshradish and pickled pumpkin. I was suppose to have the clear celery soup with parsley cheese dimpling but they ran out so instead I will have the foamy red pepper soup with lamb sausage. The main course is steer filet with mushrooms and truffle mashed potatoes. The meal ends with a lemon tart with lemon thyme and blueberries.

The smoked trout was interesting and good. I normally do not eat much smoked fish or trout for that matter but it is an Austrian dish. The pickled pumpkin was not what I expected but in a good way as I’ve never had pumpkin prepared as pickles and served thinny sliced to accompany the pungent smoky flavors of the trout.

Red pepper soup is light and, as described in the menu, foamy. You can taste the red pepper and that it has been roasted. The lamb sausage was a bit too salty for my taste.

The meal was accompanied by homemade bread that is a cross between foccacia and brioche. The texture is that of foccacia but the shape reminds me of individual brioche.

The steer was cooked to medium rare and served as a fillet cut in half over the truffle mashed potatoes and there was the side of mushrooms and marche leaves The fillet of steer is too much food for me. The mashed potatoes were good; not heavy but not light and fluffy. The consistency is similar to polenta or grits, which I liked. The mushrooms are chanterelles and are commonly grown or found in Austria unlike the common button mushrooms that we eat back home.

It never ceases to amaze me that one country’s common foods could be exotic and expensive in the USA.

The lemon tart is actually a twist on the Austian cheesecake with lemon flavor, and served with a raspberry sauce and fresh blueberries. I finished the dessert with mint tea.

Hollmann Salon
Im Heiligenkreuzerhof,
Grashofgasse 3,
1010 Wien
T: +
W: www.hollmann-salon.at

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