Hotel Loisium Spa

It is 7:54 am and I am on an express regional train heading in the direction of Krems an der Donau where I will get off at Hadersdorf am Kamp to connect with another regional train in the direction of Sigmundsherberg. Final destination is Langenlois.
When I arrived at Langenlois, I immediately saw a sign that directed me to the Hotel Loisium. The town of Langenlois is mainly residential from what I saw and based on the path I followed.

The walk wasn’t too far; about 10 minutes from the train station.

This way to Loisium

The hotel seems to situated in top of a hill and surrounded by vineyards. It is quite a sight as you approach the hotel and see that is in the middle of a vineyard.


The hotel lobby certainly looks like an upscale boutique hotel. There is an outdoor heated pool and lots of lounge chairs. If it wasn’t for the rain I would have liked to lounge outside.

I headed to the spa to begin my treatments. The spa is sort of below grade; not fully submerged for there are windows in almost all the spaces and rooms.

At the Spa I was given a spa bag which contained slippers, robe, and towels, and a magazine about spas but it was in deutsche.

I was shown to the locker room and given a locker.

My first treatment was a body peel (aka body buff, or polish, or scrub) using sea salts, then wrapped in hot towels to detoxify the skin, and ending it with a moisturizing massage.

The body peel felt fantastic and I was so relaxed during the treatment. I love body peels. It’s a great way to exfoliate the dead skin cells and you always come out feeling like a new person with your new skin.

I’ve never had a body wrap before. I enjoyed this one. I felt like I was in a warm cocoon. I was halfway to unconsciousness.

In order to wash off the salts I had to shower off. After I was the salts off the therapist massaged moisturizing lotion onto my body.

Looking out

The next treatment was the aroma therapy massage. I chose lavender as the essential massage oils. But first I was given a foot scrub to help relax me. The massage was short but sweet; only an hour. And I felt great afterwards; real relaxed and happy. I had a great experience. It would have been wonderful had it not been for some loud construction work going on, which disrupted my path to unconsciousness. That was the unfortunate part of the spa visit. There was drilling and hammering; not a great help to the peaceful state of mind. But despite the incessant noise I did enjoy my treatments. My therapist, Suzanne and Doris, were both very good with soft but firm hands.

My only real complaint is the rooms were a little cool. It would have been nice if the rooms were slightly heated or the beds were warm like other spas I have been to.

Main entrance.

Double height space


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