Hollman Beletage

I really enjoyed my stay at the Hollmann Beletage. It wasn’t my first choice but it will be should I return to Vienna in the future.

The hotel is centrally located in Vienna. It is about a 5 to 10 minute walk to Stephansdom, a famous cathedral which I did not get a chance to visit. There are two popular train stations minutes away from the hotel. Just a few doors down there is a chocolate shop called, , that sells the Mozartglugel at a very good price. I know this because I compared prices after I overpaid at another shop. And not too far is the Manner shop that sells the famous wafer cookies with various creme filling; hazelnut creme being their signature filling.

complimentary fruit in room

The hotel says it has a spa but what they really mean is that they have a sauna and a treadmill. They also have a screening movie playing some kind of movie. They also offer free popcorn fir moviegoers. The hotel also offers bicycles to their guests should they want to bike around time. They have an outdoor space which they valleys garden. There wasn’t any plantings to call it a garden but it is a nice terrace space set on the interior between neighboring buildings. The garden does not overlook any steets.

The breakfast room is spacious and relaxing space to enjoy your breakfast. For breakfast, which is includes in the cost of your room, consists of thinly sliced meats like spec, a type of sausage, ham, cheeses, dried fruits, and nuts. They also offer you a fruit salad with a specially fresh squeezed juice cocktail. Orange juice and carbonated water is offered at each table. There is also a menu where you select up to two items for your breakfast. The menu includes various egg dishes. For those who prefer something a little sweet they offer a crepe, hot chocolate cakes, and something else. I had the crepe and it was good.

They also offer coffee and various teas to suit your preference.

The Hollmann Beletage is located in a building shared with other businesses but the hotel has an official entrance once you pass thru the building entrance. The lobby of the hotel has two bikes locked up which guests may borrow. There are also lockers which guest may use too. To inquire about these features please contact the Hollman Beletage for more information and reservations.

The reception desk is the 2nd floor along with the lounge, spa, and breakfast room. The lounge features a library, a piano, a laptop to access your email or internet and a limited self-serve bar with selected spirits. There are rooms on the 2nd and 1st floors. The garden and screening room are located in the first floor.

hotel room at the Hollman Beletage

The Hollman Beletage offers several room options. The only room that was available at the time of booking was the double Residenz XL, which is meant for double occupancy.  The bathroom and closets are hidden behind full height wood doors, which gives the room a very minimal look and the main feature if the room. My room looked out onto Kollnerofgasse and was large enough to feature a seating area. There is also a writing desk where you may connect your laptop via phone connection. If your laptop is equipped with wifi connection the hotel will provide you with the password to obtain access. Just inquire with reception for the password.

The hotel provides each guests with robes and slippers to use in the room or for the sauna. They are packaged in black messenger bags and kept in the closet.

bathroom at the Hollman Beletage

The key you are given while you stay at the Hollmann Beletage not only gives you access to the hotel after 9pm and your room but lighting for your room. That’s right, if you want to turn on the lights in your room you need to insert your key into a lock that will light your room. And the key also gains you access to the cooling and heating of the room.

The room is clean with a minimal design aesthetic. Light and dark woods as well as reds and oranges play accent roles against a white setting.

This hotel has got some great amenities and features. However there are a few things I’d like to point out which I hope the hotel will consider. Most of the hotels I have stayed at give complimentary bottled to guests in their rooms. The Hollmann Beletage provides complimentary fruit, which I did not eat. The fruit didn’t look appetizing but then again I am very picky with selecting fruit and other types of produce. I would prefer bottled water because I was thirsty at night and sometimes during my sleep. My Austrian friends from Klagenfurt did not recommend drinking the tap water. I also think it would have been nice to be able to make myself some tea in the evening too.

I highly recommend this design boutique hotel. It is good value for the room, it’s location, and breakfast offerings. They have a very helpful staff and reservation is very easy. I contacted them via email. They require a 10% deposit which may be refunded should your travel plans change. To find out more about their reservation and cancellation policies please go to their website or email them with your questions.

Hollmann Beletage
Köllnerhofgasse 6,
A-1010 WIen, Austria
T: +43.1.96 11 960
W: http://www.hollmann-beletage.at/en/reception.htm 


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