No me gusta Iberia Airlines

After my experience with flying Iberia Airlines, I do not care to fly with them again even if I were to plan a trip to Spain. I didn’t have a terrible flight or experience but I’ve flown with other airlines that know a thing or two about service and airplane features.

On the return flight home to JFK from Madrid, the gate number was not provided on my plane ticket. When I looked at their flight board, it did not lost the flight I was supposed to catch so I had to seek the information out.

The plane had no circulating air so it was warm and a bit stuffy. The conditioned air eventually came on when we were up in the air.

No complimentary bottled water. No individual monitors so you watch your own movies. No nuts or little finger snacks offered.

Also I have noticed the flight attendants don’t know how to say excuse me or have any regard for the passengers when walking down the aisles. I’ve been brushed up against one too many times. Nor even an apology to acknowledge that they’ve grazed me.

They do however offer you some newspapers for you to read.

On the flight leaving from JFK, we were relegated to our seats for most of the trip. The food was okay and didn’t really fit the typical Spanish cuisine.

On the flight returning to NYC/JFK, I have a whole row to myself but then somebody sat in the other end on the aisle side. I still have an empty seat next to me so I can stretch out. Again, the food was okay and nothing special. I got the chicken meal. When I removed the aluminum cover a chicken breast with tomatoe sauce was surrounded by cut string beans and one small potatoe. There is a side of liverwurst and some kind of pickled salad. I pecked at the liverwursrt and tasted the pickled salad. Dessert was a layered cake of some kind; it was okay. I didn’t polish off the dessert. Iberia also provided a snack which consisted of two pieces if chicken breast medallions, a slice of cheese and ham, and a bit of cole slaw. For dessert some kind of layered cake topped with nuts. Again, the food is not impressive but note worthy that it kind of sucked.

Both flights offered extra rolls if you wanted.

On the connecting flights via Iberia Airlines, the planes are smaller. Each side of the plane has three seats ganged together. The plane’s engine makes an unnerving sound when started before take off. They offer snacks and a beverage but at a cost.

Yeah, I would not recommend flying with Iberia Airlines unless they were the lowest ticket price.

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2 responses to “No me gusta Iberia Airlines

  1. I will NEVER fly Iberia again either!! Our flights were delayed both ways, the return journey being 5 hours! They left my boyfriends luggage in Madrid on the way to South Africa and both our luggage in Madrid on the way back to London! Its now been 3 days since I arrived back in London and I still cant get hold of Iberia luggage department as they cut me off every time I try and phone them! All I know at this point in time is that my luggage is in Madrid and was supposed to be sent back to London yesterday. This information was given via text but if you text them on the number that they give on their website they dont text you back!

    When we were delayed in Madrid for 5 hours, they kept telling us that we would get new information every 15 minutes but we never got that information nor did we get an explanation as to what the delay even was!! After 3 gate changes we eventually boarded they plane only to wait another hour and half before take off! Not once, even when we were all sitting on the plane did they even apologise for the delay, let alone offer us a complimentary glass of water!!

    On our flight to Madrid from South Africa we were fed breakfast at around 6am… our stop over was only meant to be 1.5 hours and we should have been back in London at 10am! We only arrived back in London at 4pm! That was when I first ate something again from breakfast as I didnt have any money on me as I didnt think I was going to be delayed for that long! They would not even except the coins in pence or euro cents (the only money I had on me) they would only except notes! I was not going to pay 8 euro for a sandwich either!!

    I think their customer service is disgusting!! They were the cheapest airline when I booked my ticket to South Africa but even if they are the cheapest again I will NEVER fly with them again!

  2. i am sorry to hear that you flight via Iberia did not go well. but you can at least take some comfort knowing that you were not the only ones delayed. although the lost luggage issue is a problem. how can you loose someone’s luggage twice?

    i don’t know what it is about iberia airlines and their staff but they are certainly unpleasant. you’re not the only one with negative experiences with iberia airlines. with that said, i am surprised they haven’t made an effort to curb their lack of sensitivity and poor attitudes to the customers.

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