After Tscheppaschlucht

After hiking in the gorges of Tscheppaschlucht, I was dropped off at Bettina’s flat where I was spending two nights. Bettina was one of the bride’s maid. I met a friend of her’s who was visiting. We went into town for ice cream and climbed up a chuch tower that gave us views of the city.

(click image for slideshow)

It rained in the evening and even though we had umbrellas, we still got wet. We settled at a Mexican restaurant at first for drink, which turned into dinner when we realized the rain did not let up. We had a nice dinner of chips and gaucomole and chicken fajitas. We continued our conversation at a bar called PrincS. It was a trendy looking bar. Most of the patrons were dressed for a night out. We were dresses casually. It was crowded and the bar was not big. We were fortunate enough to get one seat.

The bartender was a cute fellow. Tall, dark, and handsome. He was certainly nice to look at, and a good reason to go to this bar.


Bettina and I eventually got some seats that had a great vantage point of everyone. It was great spot to people watch.

We didn’t stay out too late because the next morning we were to meet the bride to be at the hair dresser’s.

I really had a good time. It was nice to go out especially in a foreign city and experience nightlife even if the timing was limited.


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