Day two in Klagenfurt

Ramona and Robert showed me around Klagenfurt. Our itinerary for the day was to see a castle Hochosterwitz, a very old church, a stone chair where a ruler passed judgement, and to climb up a tower called Pyramidenkogel.

Sun dial

Maria Saal

Maria Saal

We visited a very old church called Maria Saal. It was the first church to be built there. On the church property, there was an art exhibit of an Italian sculptor who works with wood. The church itself is small and simple. You can still see the remains of the original frescos on the exterior walls of the church. Above the entrance there is a sundial of some kind.  Eyewitness Travel explains that this church was the first to be erected at Maria Saal in the 8th Century.  And in fact, Eyewitness Travel further explains that excavations near Maria Saal has turned up a Bronze Aged carved stone throne of the Prince of Carinthia, which is the stone chair I mentioned above. Furthermore, the church is situated on top of hill with very nice views of green lands and mountains beyond.

Hochosterwitz was the highlight of the day.  It is a fortress that winds up the side of a mountain.  The fortress has 14 gates, each gate was designed and built as a means to keep out and kill the enemy that tried to invade the fortress.  Each gate has a name and function.  Unfortunately, I did not document the names and functions of each gate but I can certainly tell you that some of the ingenuity behind some of these gates were quite amazing for the time it was built.  The gates were very effective in protecting to the castle atop the mountain.

(click image to view slideshow of Hochosterwitz)

On the way to the Pyramidenkogel, we stopped by to see the carved stone throne.  It was in a middle of small park and the carved stone chair was barricaded; you could only see with you eyes, not with your ass in the seat.

The Pyramidenkogel is an attraction in itself as it is an interesting structure built to provide an overview of the Carinthinia, especially of the Wörtersee.  Views were incredible!

(click image to view slideshow)

In the evening, we had a dinner at a restaurant where they served homemade traditional Austrian foods.  The food is served room temperature and is basically an individual platter of sliced meats, chopped liver, and cheeses.  They also make a very traditional Austrian herbal-ade that is quite refreshing called the Almdudler. I also met one of the bride’s maids, Bettina, who I will eventually stay with before, during, and after the wedding.

Cold meats platter

an individual’s platter of sliced meats like speck, cheeses, liverwurst, freshly grated horshradish, and topped with half a boiled egg.

Time to eat!!


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