On the third day in Klagenfurt, Ramona and Robert took me on a nature hike thru a gorge called Tscheppaschlucht.  This gorge is located on the border between Austria and Slovenia.  One of the features of the gorges of Tscheppaschlucht is the Tschaukofall, a waterfall.

There is a white water steam carving thru the wooded mountain ranges which eventually leads to the waterfall. The water is cold and clear. The water comes from the top of mountains. The water is so fresh you can drink from it. I took a sip or two at a designated area where you can drink on the trail.

Tscheppaschlucht stream

I haven’t gone on many hikes. In fact, I am not one of those people whose recreational activities include hiking or such outdoor activities, however, I welcome these adventures when I am abroad.

The hike started off a bit cool but 30 minutes into the trail i had to remove sweater. It was not a hot day, and in fact there was a nice refreshing breeze that kept me cool. The natural sites were just amazing. We were climbing up along mountain edges to get to the waterfall. It wasnt dangerous, it was exhilarating.

Tscheppaschlucht gorges

Tscheppaschlucht cold stream

We weren’t the only ones on the trail. There were a good number of people taking advantage of a day with pleasant weather. It was sunny and bright. In fact, the gorges and waterfall is a popular local attraction of Carinthian Austria.

People drive to the entry point, park their cars, and go on this hike. There are certain points along the trail where you can catch the bus to take you back to the parking lot instead of hiking back, which I don’t think people do.

The waterfall was an amazing feature and a sight for this city-girl to see such pristine waters move so rapidly, and then fall meters below to a pool where it collects briefly bubbling, foaming, turning white before it falls again; plunging into the cold brisk waters and then trying to reach the surface white and full of effervescence.



Reaching the waterfall was not the end of the hike. And in fact the trail actually goes to a higher altitude. Instead, we leveled off to find a restaurant called Deutscher Peter (German Peter). It’s a landmark restaurant and serves good Austrian food.

The hike worked up an appetite. This is where I had the wienerschnitzel, a famous Austrian dish. It is veal with breadcrumbs; kind of like veal Parmigiano but without the cheese and sauce. It’s actually lite and very good and surprisingly the serving is more than I can handle. I could only eat half.

Nearby the restaurant there is a petting zoo of goats, pigs, llamas, ducks, and chickens.

We took the bus back to the parking lot as did the other hikers. The roads up the mountain are windy and always seemingly a little too close to the edge. The bus was very big nor were the roads and yet the bus managed to share the roads with cars. Actually, there was an accident that happened on the way back. Luckily, the accident didn’t affect our bus and that there weren’t serious casualties. The accident happened between a motorcyclist and a car.

The bus dropped us all off safely.

An Austrian and an American



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