A Wedding in Klagenfurt

bride's maid bouquet

Ramona and Robert got married on Saturday, September 13.

It wasn’t raining as the weatherman had predicted but it wasn’t sunny either. The skies were overcast and the air was a bit chilly.

The ceremony took place at a site that used to be a monastery, which became an elementary school. It seemed to be a very popular wedding site as there was also another wedding taking place.

The wedding ceremony was not religious base. Instead, it was a more personal and intimate affair. Ramona asked her mother and the bride’s maids to read poems selected by the bride. I thought this was a very nice way to celebrate the couple’s happy marital union. I was honored to be asked to be a bride’s maid and participate in their union as opposed to being just another guest watching from the sidelines.

I read a poem, which I am happy to share with you below. I don’t know where the poem is from but I thought it was just beautiful.

“I love our love”
by  Renee Duvall

Falling in love with you is the best thing that has happened to me.
With your sense of humor, your caring way, and your understanding, you’ve taught me how to believe in love.
The times we spend together laughing and enjoying each other’s company, or spending quiet moments wrapped in each other’s arms, are the best times I’ve ever had in my life.
Nothing in the world has ever meant so much to me as the love we’re discovering now.
And I know that I could never love anyone else the way I love you.

Refreshments and snacks were served after the beautiful ceremony outside under the colonnade. It started to rain. A game was played during the refreshments where the just married couple were supposed to cut out the shape of a heart from a sheet of fabric. They start at the bottom tip of the heart and race to the top half of the heart. Robert won the race.


Ramona and Robert

table of wedding gifts

After refreshments, everyone headed to the mountains to an inn where the wedding banquet was held. Some of the guests had rooms booked by the wedding couple so Bettina and I checked into our room.

Cocktails were served in the lounge while guests mingled and chatted amongst themselves.

When dinner was ready to be served everyone moved into the dinning room. Traditional Austrian food was served. After the main course was served the lounge opened up to a dance floor where Ramona and Robert danced the first dance as husband and wife.

For dessert, there were various cakes including the wedding cake offered. The wedding was not the typical wedding cake served on American weddings, the embellished tiered cakes found on covers of various wedding magazines. Instead, it was whimsical. It was cake dressed as a bed with the couple underneath the sheets. Really cute! The other cakes were supplies by Robert’s mom. There was a sachretorte. And there was another cake, which Ramona’s mom made. The cake she made were stacks of cheeses and gerbils scattered about. Ramona and Robert have four gerbils as their pets. The cake was just so cute! All the cakes were delicious. I have not had cakes as good as I ate at the adding and probably won’t be able to experience again. I especially enjoyed Ramona’s mom’s cake!

wedding cake

mini bundt cakes

more yummy cakes!

more cakes!

gerbils and cheese

The last course served after the cakes was a savory one. It is an Austrian custom to serve a final savory course. Chili con carve was served with Corona beers. The chili was quite spicy.

The partying continued late into the evening, or rather into the early morning. The party ended at 4am. I did not last that long. I think I retired around 1am? The Austrians sure know how to have a good time.


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