After the wonderful experience at the Hotel Loisium Spa (click here to read about my experience at the Hotel Loisium Spa), I returned to Vienna and decided to head out to see Hundertwasserhaus.

Hundertwasserhaus was the creation of a famous Austrian artist named Friedensreich Hundertwasser.  The Hundertwasserhaus is a housing project that spoke out against the soulless modern architecture.  The housing complex is full of color and materials.  You can even see the individual apartment units from outside because the apartments are delineated by color.  All the windows are irregular in shape and size.  In fact, one of the clause in the rental agreement is that each tenant has the right to scrape off the surrounding plaster and decorate the outside of his or her window as they see fit.

Hundertwasserhaus believed that man is organic and started life walking on the natural ground, which was not flat and straight, and thus he created gentle undulating surfaces to walk on not only in the outdoor areas but also in the public areas too.

The housing project also encouraged growth of vegetation.  Some of the tenants had access to private terraced gardens as well as to communal roof gardens.  The vegetation also provides a constant change to the building as a result of the vegetations’ reaction to the changing weather.

Unfortunately, access into the delightful housing project is not possible as it is a residence and having visitors traverse in and out of the building would pose security issues that tenants would not be too pleased with.  

As an alternative, you can watch a video that gives you a glimpse of life inside the Hundertwasserhaus.  You can view this video in a cafe; Galerie-Café zum Hundertwasserhaus.  The cafe has a limited menu but still worth a stop and a snack.  They serve warm beverages with your choice of liquor, and a selection of Austrian and Italian foods.  I had a hot chocolate with amaretto and a würst to snack on while I watched the video tour.  The video tour is played in English and in German.

Across the Hundertwasserhaus, there is the Hundertwasserhaus Village which was designed by the artist and is home to tourist shops.  The middle of the Village features a bar that serves beverages only.  There is also an art gallery that sells prints of Hundertwasser’s work.  The Village is worth a visit and will give you a glimpse of what it is like to be in a space designed by Hundertwasser.

And about 5 minutes walk from the Hundertwasseraus, there is the Kunst Haus Wien.  It is a museum that exhibits Hundertwasser’s artwork.  The museum was also designed by the artist and in the same vane as the Hundertwasserhaus.  Worth a walk over.  I didn’t view the artwork; I was running out of time and there was a line, and there were also school kids visiting.

Kegelgasse 38
1030 Wien 3., Landstraße, WienAustria

Kunst Haus Wien
Untere Weißgerberstraße, 13
1030 Vienne, Austria

Galerie-Café zum Hundertwasserhaus
Kegelgasse 37-39
1030 Vienne, Austria


Hundertwasserhaus (click on image to view slideshow)


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