After checking out the Hundertwasserhaus, I had a couple of hours to go shopping before the shops close. Shops close between 6pm and 7pm. Restaurants close their kithens around 10pm. I returned to the hotel to drop some things off and made reservations at the Hollmann Salon for my farewell dinner.

There were a few shops I wanted to check out that were listed in the guide books but when I got there, they were a disappointment, or didn’t meet my expectations. The only one that was worth the visit was the famous confectionery shop called Demel. It was originally an ice cream parlor that expanded to include chocolate confections and pastries. The shop is on the ground floor as well as the smoking section of the café. There is more seating upstairs for non-smokers.

Seeing as Demel closes at 7pm I decided to have a sweet snack before dinner. I had a pretty fruit tart with mint tea. I met a nice couple from Atlanta sitting at a table next to mine.

And being that I am a girl with a sweet tooth, I certainly could not leave Demel without taking home a few sweet souvenirs.

some of the goodies you can buy at Demel.

(click on the image to view slideshow)

I got a variety of chocolate bars and three trays of petite four like pastries. The trayed pastries were simply packaged and not meant to go through the rigors of checked in luggage, or man-handled by security personnel at the airport. Basically, there are about 6 varieities of pastries that ranged from cookies, confections, and cakes. Each variety has about 4 to 6 pieces. The pastries sit in a paper tray and pre-wrapped in clear cellaphane with a pretty yellow bow. It is not vaccum sealed.

I was able to get the pastries home safely with the help of the saleswoman who placed another paper tray over the wrapped sweets then gift wrapped and place in one if their carry out boxes meant for sliced cakes and mini pastries and mini tarts. She wrapped each one and gently placed them in the box before she tapes it closed.

Now I had to figure out how to get it home without it turning into unrecognizable crumbs.

I had a bag that I could place the box in and carry with me onto the plane. The box fit perfectly, and I was able to fit other fragile sweets I bought at the Manner shop.

One thing that I’d like to note is there is a Demel shop in the Vienna International Aiport for last minute purchases before you head to your next destination. The sweets at Demel are not cheap and there us a small mark up between the prices at the store in Vienna and the shop at the airport. But it may be a small price to pay to get these delicate cookies safely home.

There are 3 terminals at VIA. The Demel shop I am referring to is in Terminal C. You can’t miss it unless you’re in a rush. I don’t know if there is Demel shop at the other terminals.

Kohlmarkt 14
A-1010 Wien

Tel: +43/1/535 17 17-0


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