Fashion Hall

The day after the wedding, the invited guest who stayed at the inn were invited to a buffet breakfast with the newlyweds.

Bettina and I eventually left the inn after saying our goodbyes to the couple and other guests.

Bettina’s parents were coming into town to visit the tradeshow fair that was happening in Klagenfurt. This fair featured all sorts of things from furnishings, home remodling, lastest and current food trends, and fashion. And you can buy most products featured in the fair.

We met Bettina’s parents, Herr and Frau Erto, at the train station. They were coming in from another town for the fair.

Bettina and I also went to the fair while her parents checked out the home furnishing section of fair. We ended up at the Fashion Hall where they were holding a fashion show. We got a table next to the runway. Herr and Frau Ertl eventually joined us at the table. The fashion show was fun to watch and featured contemporary and traditional Austrian clothes, which was sold at the fair and can be bought in town at the shops. There were some very nice traditional Austrian clothes that I would love to have bought if I had some time to shop and extra cash.

(click on image to view slideshow)

After the fashion show, Bettina helped her parets to buy a massaging recliner. When the sale was completed, her parents left the fair to return home via train. Herr and Frau Ertl were really nice people.


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