We’re going to Madasgascar! Well, sort of. We’re actually heading to the Bronx Zoo to check out their new exhibit called Madagascar, an incredible world full of exotic animals and mysterious landscapes.

We are getting by mass transit. We’re actually on the 2 train heading to West Farms Sq/ East Tremont Avenue.

It’s a popular day at the zoo today We’re on line for the Monorail through Asia. In the past whenb we went, the lines were never this long for the monorail.
On the 2 train heading back into the city after what seemed like a king day at the zoo.

The zoo was popular with the famiies today. Lots of young kids and their parents, and long lines.

There was a Halloween event happening at the zoo and so some of kids were dressed in costume. Some of kids and adults had their faces painted too.

We started our zoo visit with Asia on the monorail. We saw the elusive red panda, the highlight of the monorail.

Next, we went through the Jungle exhibit, which is always nice because some of the animal exhibits are not completely enclosed. We saw some really cute otters playing. Another great feature of the Jungle us the black panther. I wish they would clean up the glass so I can take better pictures. The panther was looking right at me.

Along the way to the House of Birds, we went through the Himalayas and only saw the backside of the snow leopard. And then we hit the tiger exhibit. The tigers were out and about and everyone crowded along the glass enclosure to take in as much of the tiger as possible.

We evetually reached my favorite exhibit, which is the House if Birds. I love the birds exhibit. Again, some of the exhibits are not fully enclosed so you can almost up close with some if the animals. In fact one of the horned billed birds sort interacted with us. I didn’t dare get too close with the birds so as not to scare them but it was nice to get some really nice pictures.

Madagascar, a new exhibit to the Bronx Zoo, was our next destination. The animals were mostly small and behind glass enclosures. It was very crowded and I didn’t really get to see much except for a crocodile that lives in a cave and a teeny tiny bright orange frog. There were also lemurs in the exhibit which reminded me of the monkeys in the Jungle exhibit. I didnt bither with tgw hissing coakaroaches. The Madagascar exhibit was not impressive. I could have lived without having seen the lemurs but I did enjoy seeing that tiny bright orange frog, which is poisonous.

There was another new exhibit called the Amphibian House. It’s in a big beautiful building with a dome topped archway. That was not a good exhibit as their amphibian collection was very limited. They had a couple of odd looking frogs along one side of the wall and that was it of the amphibian house. On the other side was where they kept the camel which was already outside. The amphibian exhibit should be renamed the Wall of Amphibians.

The next visit was to the bug carousel. We bought the POP tickets, which was an all inclusive pass to the monorail, carousel, Congo exhibit, Butterfly exhibit, skyfari, shuttle, and children’s zoo.

I love the carousel! But this carousel had bugs instead of horses I’d circus animals. It’s a nice carousel but it wasn’t as fun as the other carousels I have ridden on in the past. I think it was goingnat a much slower speed because the carousel was meant for kids and perhaps not kids of all ages. In any case, I won’t be returning to the bug carousel the next time we visit the zoo.

The Butterfly exhibit was a few steps from the carousel an was our next stop. I remember the first time we visited the butterfly exhibit. It was exciting to see the butterflies flutter about. This time around it was so interesting. The variety of butterflies are always the same.

And then we headed to the Congo to see the gorillas. Its not one of my favorite exhibits but always nice to see them so close even if they are behind glass. The one animal I enjoy seeing that is part of the Congo exhibit is this creature cakes the opkai. It looks like a giraffe without the long neck and has zebra stripes in it’s legs. Really quite a sight.

Visitors always go apeshit over the gorillas. It’s always crowded along the glass where the gorillas are hanging out. I just don’t get the attraction. Maybe because they are able to be so close to them without being attacked by the large powerful animal.

And we ended our visit with the skyfari, which dropped us off in the area where we entered.

It was great day to visit the zoo. It wasn’t hot but we were exhausted by the end.

The Bronx Zoo is a great zoo to visit and well worth the first and second visit but boy more than that. At least give yourself five years in between visits unless you have young children.

(click on the image to view slideshow)



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