Mobile Art

It’s 3:20 pm and I am in Central Park at the Mobile Art exhibit hosted by Chanel. It’s a pleasant automn afternoon in the park. I can’t ask fir better weather. The Mobile Art is limited exhibition in Central Park and requires ticket admission. The tickets are free but you have to order them in advance. The tickets became available towards the end of September. The admission to view the Mobile Art is also by appointment. Each person is limited to 4 tickets. The tickets I was able to get were for 3:45pm.

The pavilion was designed by Iranian born female architect, Zaha Hadid. The pavilion is white and futuristic looking. In fact, it looks like a white serpent winding in on itself. There’s also a giant metallic box with a warped reflected surface. It’s currentl not open to the public. You can see into it and it looks like a bar or lounge of some kind. Makes me wonder if I shoul have secured an evening appointment.

There are two sets of security. When you arrive athe location you are greeted by tall gentlemen dressed all in black. They are each wearing a belted jacket and a baseball cap. The other security are dressed in black suits with white shirts and dark tie. They look like secret service sans sunglasses.

The exhibit included a guided tour via mp3 player which they provided. I made the mistake of not being patient and so my guided tour was not synches plus I missed a section of he pavilion. They do not permit you to go backwards after you pass thru some vinyl curtains. Luckily I did not attend the pavilion alone. My bf came with me and followed along the tour instructions. He generally liked the show, but was put off that the art installation within the pavilion was all a ploy to sell handbags.

Photography was not permitted in the pavilion. In fact, you must check in your bags even your handbag.  At the end of the tour, you return the mp3 player to the staff and you are handed a complimentary magazine that describes the exhibit and pavilion.

If you are fortunate enough to reserve tickets to this exhibition, I have one advice for you; BE PATIENT.  The tour guide will provide you with the instructions of where to go and when.  And by the way, the instructions are on the slow side so be patient and listen.

Mobile Art Pavilion

Mobile Art Pavilion


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