Vancouver, Trinidad, and Tobago – Oh my!

I am taking a couple of short trips to see friends and hang out.

My first destination in March 2009 is to Vancouver, British Columbia; and my second time visiting.  The first time I went was about two years ago.  It was a short first visit but I had a great time.  I’ll be visiting my friend Nicole and her boyfriend, Ian, and dog, Freddie.  Nicole taught me how to knit, introduced me to FB, and has inspired me to jog/run.  Nicole and Ian own a house in Pemberton, not too far from Whistler.  We’ll be doing some snowy activities.  My activities will be limited to things that won’t make me break my leg.  I’m hoping to try snowshoeing and dog sleighing!  I don’t ski, never tried.  I have tried snowboarding; didn’t care for it.

My other destination in April 2009 is to Trinidad and Tobago.  My friend, Celeste, who is currently living there.  I’m very proud of her and the accomplishments she’s achieved.  She’s always full of enthusiasm and energy.  I’ve been saying that I want to visit her in TT but have been slow to make plans.  And then she tells me good news that she will return to NYC in four to six months.  She was offered a position with the Department of Transportation.  I was very excited and happy for her, and realized I better make plans to visit her sooner than later.

I have already bought my tickets for both destinations.  The fares for these destinations were not bad compared to prices last year.  But I guess given the way things are going now with the whole economic crisis, airlines can’t be too demanding on potential customers.  And lets not forget the oil has dropped in price!

I’m looking forward to these trips.  I’ve never been on a winter vacation where the activities are snow and sweater related.  And I’ve never been to the Carribean Islands.  New experiences and adventure – can’t wait.

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