A slight change in plans

I found out my friend, Celeste, will be returning to New Jersey sooner than anticipated. I’m a little disappointed that she will not be there when I am visitng but at least I will not be going alone.  The funny thing is, I had an opportunity to cancel my trip to TT and get a full refund from Expedia.  I booked my flight with Carribean Airlines through Expedia at a pretty good price and time.  After they’ve confirmed my reservation, I get an email telling me that my return flight was changed from 8:00am to 8:45am.  It wasn’t a big deal as long as I got home around the afternoon.  In the meantime, I booked my flight directly with CA to go to Tobago from Port-of-Spain.  A few days past and I get another email about my reservation for my flight to Port-of-Spain.  Apparently, CA cancelled their morning flight and the only flight out was super early in the morning like at 1am and arrive in JFK around 6am, or around 5pm and arrive around 10pm.  I was not pleased with options available but because of the flight change caused by CA, Expedia would give me a full refund.  I called CA to find out about cancellations and refunds for the ticket I purchased for POS to Tobago.  They informed me that I would get a refund but less 25% of the ticket price.   I thought it over but didn’t want to take too much time because I didn’t want to miss securing the flight back.  I should have taken a longer time mulling it over because the next day, Celeste tells me she’s leaving Tobago in March.

I am disappointed but luckily, I won’t be traveling alone.  As I mentioned in my last post, it’s a new experience and adventure!!


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