Checked-in and waiting to board

I’m at Gate 11 waiting to depart on an Air Canada flight but I am sitting in an United Airlines waiting area, and let me tell you that this area sucks! It’s away from the shops and food court. There is only a Hudson News kiosk which is open and a Wolfgang Puck To Go kiosk which is closed and empty. The lady at HN looks like she does not want to be here. She stands with her arms crossed and leaning against the display. I don’t blame her. It’s way too early to be working at a magazine and snack kiosk.

So the airlines are forcing people to do self check in now. I was on line and although there were United employees behind the podium, they were there to assist with your self check in and handle your luggage that were being checked. The experience wasn’t too bad. There were a few people who had to go off to the side to get checked in when they couldn’t process themselves.

Going through security hasn’t changed much. You still have to take off your shoes, remove your laptop, remove your coat, and scarf. You can keep your hat apparently.

The Air Cananda flight is charging for snacks and meals so I had to go get my breakfast with the one I had left. I walked back up to the food court and bought a breakfast sandwich from a Balducci’s Express To Go. The sandwich wasn’t too bad but they gouge you with the beverages. The breakfast sandwich was $4.99 and the Odwalla was $4.49! Can you say rip off?!


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