Lucy Mae Brown

Nicole and I had dinner at a nice restaurant called Lucy Mae Brown. It supposedly used to be a bordello; you can read more about that here. Also, that evening was apparently a dining event that was happening throughout Vancouver called, Dining for Life. Basically, 25 percent of the food revenue is donated to the fight against AIDS.  I thought that was a really nice idea and I’m glad that our dining is going to a good cause.  It’s a win for everyone; the customers get good food, the restaurant gets business, and there is funding for a great cause.

We were seated in a large plush booth and the menu was a pre-fixe; choice of an appetizer, entree, and dessert.  We each had a Bombay gin and tonic.  

For the appetizer I had the scallops and Nicole had fried butternut squash ravioli.  The scallops were wrapped with bacon and came with a frisee salad.  The ravioli was not your typical ravioli shapes.  They were two big pieces and in triangle shapes.  The butternut squash filling was a puree but not liquified.

The main course, Nicole got the halibut which she enjoyed and it came with potatoes and some other veggies.  I had the duck breast with a reduction sauce and some sauteed cabbage.  The duct breast was moist, tender, and flavorful.

We had the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.  I’ve never had it before so I was curious to try it.  It was okay.  It’s not a pudding.  It’s a piece of cake in a toffee sauce.  The cake was moist, spongy but a little crumbly, not a bad texture for what it was.  The other option was a cheesecake, which they ran out of, or an expresso creme brulee.

The restaurant had a dark interior which drew from the building’s  past life as a bordello.  It was spacious with seating to the perimeter of the walls. Their booths were large and plush and could fit bout 4 to 5 people comfortably.  The service was friendly and attentive. It wasn’t terribly loud; we didn’t have to raise our voices or shout to talk.

There is another bar with an area where you can dance but we didn’t check that out.  We did hear the music pumping as we concluded our dining experience.

Lucy Mae Brown
862 Richards Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 3A7, Canada
(604) 899-9199
*currently they do not have a website.

5 responses to “Lucy Mae Brown

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  2. Have you thought of jazzing up your writing a bit? Try:

    I had been looking forward to dessert since first setting eyes on the menu, as the first item stood out to me. Sticky date pudding! The other two items, although being two of my favourites, cheesecake and crème brulee, didn’t strike my fancy nearly as much as the sticky date pudding. I had heard of the dessert before, and what better time to try it for the first time then in this ex-bordello, where more then a few sticky dates took place, I am sure. Upon setting the plate in front of me, without asking who ordered which, something I always look for in the wait staff, I was somewhat taken aback as the pudding was in fact a cake, with a thick butterscotch sauce drizzled over top, dripping down the side forming delectable sugary waterfalls. This pudding was more of the British pudding variety, a cake, rather then the American version, custard. The cake itself was moist and spongy, although it could have had a bit more butter added, as it was slightly crumbly, but did soak up the butterscotch sauce nicely. All up, a nice dessert, but I will be having a crème brulee on my next visit.

  3. Thanks for your suggestion but that wouldn’t be “me” writing. There are some things that I would “jazz up” with my writing like when I write fiction but not for this particular blog. Besides, the version as you suggested sounds kind of pretentious.

  4. Hey Jeannie, loved your blog about the trip. I hope you contnue to have a great trip to BC
    and in particular to Whistler with the dog sleds and
    riding in a horse sleigh.
    Oh minor issue, I forgot to tell you I charge USD 750 per night for the apartment………….I will put it on Nicoles account!!
    Just kidding, have a great stay in Vancouver and a save flight back to the big Apple!!

  5. Thanks for your kind comments Mr. Brink; and a big thank you for being so generous to let me stay at your apartment while I visit. I love it here in BC, Vancouver, and Whistler. I wish I had more time to explore the parts of BC. I guess I’ll just have to take it one step at a time.

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