Flying home via Delta

I was seated in the center seat. I couldn’t believe I allowed this when I booked my flight.  How could I have overlooked this?  Luckily, the flight wasn’t completely booked.  I changed my seat to an aisle seat.

Okay, down to the nitty-gritty. This was a domestic flight. The movies on this flight were not free. You have to pay for them and they cost $6! There were free movies but I’ve never heard of them. They offered real time TV, which didn’t require payment. I watched The Colbert Report, one of my favorite shows.

The games also required payment; $5 a game. There was a complimentary game which was just a trivia game.  You play against other passengers.

There were some HBO programs and they cost $2.

Earphones (if you don’t have your own) cost $2 and you keep them.

They offered complimentary beverage however, alcoholic beverages cost $7.

No breakfast even though my itinerary said I was supposed to get breakfast.


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