Last day in Vancouver

I spent the last day in Vancouver shopping; not heavy shopping.  It was overcast and was raining a bit.  I embarked on a ferry ride to Granville Island to grab breakfast at La Baguette & L’Echalote Bakery, a fruit danish and almond croissant for later.  I got a chai latte from Petit Ami in the Public Market. I walked around the island hopping in and out of shops looking for interesting souvenirs. The island is full of shops that feature handcrafted items that is either from the Vancouver art scene or artists from the BC area. To see which artists and artisans are featured on Granville Island, please click here. The island is also home to an art and design school, Emily Carr University. There was a print making studio and gallery called Malaspina Printmakers but they were closed for some odd reason.  I would have loved to have brought home a print or two.  I love printmaking. I’ve dabbled a little in the art form.

I did find a few items on the island.  I went to the Crafthouse Gallery, a gallery featuring handcrafted items that may displayed in your home or office, or worn on your person. I bought these cute rabbit treasure boxes made by a Japanese Canadian artist, Keiko Kiyota. I was originally going to just get one female rabbit treasure box but she looked lonely so I bought her a mate.

I also bought a bottle of ice wine from the British Columbia region; and let me tell you that it is not cheap! I bought these cordials at Liberty Wine Merchants. I got a bottle of Inniskilin Okanagan Valley Icewine Riesling and a bottle of Stellaport by Elephant Island Orchard Wine.

I also bought a cute ceramic bird as a thank you gift for my friend, Nicole. The ceramic bird is by a Quebec artist, France Fauteaux. I bought one of these lovely birds at Gallery Indigena.

I quickly stopped by the bookshop at Emily Carr University to check out their collection.  I was hoping to find a coffee table book of totem poles found in British Columbia.  Instead, I picked up a book called Vancouver Matters, which was edited by James Eidse, Mari Fujita, Joey Giaimo, Lori Kiessling, and Christa Min. I was also trying to find a nice t-shirt with a nice Inuit totem graphic but was unsuccessful.  I did get some rubber stamps with Inuit graphics, I can stamp my own totem poles.

I headed back to Yaletown to drop off the morning’s merchandise. I then headed to the shopping district.  Nicole recommended that I visit Vancouver’s department store, The Bay. They have a large selection of the 2010 Winter Olympic  Games merchandise.  I bought a cute stuffed doll of the Sasquatch named Quatchi. If you want to meet the other mascots of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, click here. I also bought an official 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics track jacket. It’s feathertweight, windproof, water resistant, and breathable. Plus, as a visitor to Vancouver, I got 15% off the apparel purchase! Whoo-hoo!

As usual, I ran out of time.  There was so much I haven’t seen.  I especially wanted to try some pastries from a local patisserie in Yaletown called Ganache Patisserie.  Unfortunately, they are closed Monday and Tuesday!  I guess I’ll have to wait until next time I return to Vancouver.


click image to see more picture of my last day in Vancouver.


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