Layover in Seattle

I arrived in Seattle around 8:20pm. The flight from Vancouver to Seattle was short; approximately 40 minute flight. And because we were on a commuter jet we boarded off onto the tarmac. It was cold, wet, and windy – typical Seattle weather.

The airport itself was nice and spacious. It seemed new. There are a couple of restaurants where you could sit down and dine. I decided to dine at Anthony’s Restaurants. I ordered a mango and shrimp Cobb salad. I didn’t want anything heavy as it was getting late but should have some dinner.

Service was okay.  They brought out my salad pretty fast; I guess it doesn’t take very much time to prepare a bed of greens, and salad toppings. However my waitress kept forgetting to bring me a ginger ale; and I asked for it twice. I never did get it and a certain point, I just didn’t want it anymore.  The one odd thing that occurred was they had asked for ID. They explained it was because I was dining in the bar area.

The salad wasn’t bad considering that it was made in an airport restaurant. Although I did have a great meal at a Todd English airport restaurant in JFK when I went to Austria last year. I also had free interns access too!

As you can see from the picture, the salad is pretty big with lots of greens, shrimp, mango, bacon bits, and avocado with noodle crunchies.


There were some disappointing things to the salad for one the shrimp were sad and pathetic especially when I’ve been eating prawns while in British Columbia. And someone says shrimp, I’m thinking at least 20 count shrimp!

The tomatoes were also not fresh. When I placed them in my mouth, I could feel their skin were loose and wrinkly, a sign they are on the old side.

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