Leaving Vancouver.

Returned home via Horizon Air (operated by Alaska Airlines). We flew back in a commuter jet (I think). We boarded the plane on the tarmac, which I’ve never done before. It was pretty cool.  The jet has rows of two seaters on either sides of the plane and a narrow aisle.



The airport at Vancouver is currently going through some improvements. One of the improvements was free wireless internet access. JFK needs to take a lesson from Vancouver International Airport and provide free wifi access.

I’ve never flown with Horizin Air via Alaska Airlines. In fact, I didn’t even know such an airline existed. Checking in was self service but then you step up to get your luggage labels from the crew. The self check-in wasn’t too bad of an experience. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Personally I think it’s kind of silly to have self check-in when you still have to go up to the counter to get you luggage labels and check them in with the crew.

One thing I must advise you on is that Alaska Airlines’ international flights permits only one checked in luggage and any additional luggage requiring checking in must pay $25 US plus taxes each.

Once checked in, you have to clear customs before you actually surrender your checked in luggage. Plus, you have to fill out the declaration form in preparation of going thru customs. I think this was the procedure be because I am flying out via Alaska Airlines. The last time I returned from Vancouver, I flew back via Cathay Airlines and didn’t have to go thru customs that way.

There was a delay in taking off due to congestion over in Seattle but it didn’t make me late for my connecting flight.

One response to “Leaving Vancouver.

  1. Interesting perspective! I’ve boarded dozens of flights this way and never thought anything of it! I like that you stopped and snapped a couple of shots of the plane. You are so thorough!

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