Trinidad upon arrival

We took a private taxi from the airport.  The taxi ride to our guesthouse, The Gingerbread House, was $27 USD (I inquired before following him to the taxi, as recommended in the guide book).  The taxi driver quoted me both TT dollars and US dollars.  I had only exchanged $150 USD ($900 TTD; the rate of exchange was roughly $6 TTD to $1 USD) at the airport and didn’t want to spend through my TT dollars so soon.

While I was researching on this trip to Trinidad & Tobago, I was warned about the traffic and erratic driving of the locals.  It took us about an hour to get to the Gingerbread House from the airport. I think we departed the airport around 3pm.  There were moments of traffic and there was certainly traffic going towards the direction of the airport.

But once we got to downtown Port-of-Spain, traffic had subsided and before we knew it, we were in front of the Gingerbread House. It was a warm and sunny day – very nice.  Not as humid.


The Gingerbread House, 8 Carlos Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad

Rosemary, the hostess and owner of the Gingerbread House, helped us to secure a rental car with Econo-car. Someone from Econo-car  picked us up and took us to the car rental office which wasn’t too far from the Gingerbread House (by car).  The rental for each day was $195 TT (roughly $32 USD).

Driving in Trinidad is different from driving back home.  The wheel is on the right side of the car and you drive on the left side of the rode. Another way of looking at it is the front passenger seat is always parallel with the curb.

Celeste met us at the Gingerbread House; it was great to see her! We talked about our plans for tomorrow (heading out along the northern coast to Asa Wright Nature Center). Celeste also helped us to make reservations for dinner at a nice restaurant serving Caribbean cuisine at The Verandah on 10 Rust Street (restaurant review coming soon). We then went to a local bar not too far from the Gingerbread House on Ariapita Avenue ,called The Coco Lounge, and had some beers and coconut crusted shrimp.

The Coco Lounge
35 Carlos Street,
Woodbrook. Trinidad W.I


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