Seeing Trinidad

We started the day with breakfast before heading out to Asa Wright Nature Center.  We drove along the North Coast Road and hit several spots along the way to Asa Wright Nature Center. The first stop we made was La Vache Scenic Area, which has a fantastic view of the coast and ocean beyond.


Views from La Vache Scenic Area.


Another view from La Vache Scenic Area.

There were some sheds that were set up for vendors but I guess it was still too early for them, or maybe they don’t work Fridays.  There were a few stray dogs lazing about. They would look at us briefly and then return to whatever they were doing.

We then stopped at Maracas Beach at Maracas Bay where Thomas took a quick dip in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Maracas Bay is popular beach  with the locals on the weekends.  It was a Friday when we went and there weren’t that many people.  There was a family not too far from us splashing in the water.  Other then that, the beach was relatively quiet.  It was nice to enjoy the beach without the masses.


Maracas Bay, Trinidad.

We also stopped at Las Cuevas Bay, another beach not too far from Maracas Beach.  It was also a quiet with a few people on the beach. In fact, the water looked so good Celeste decided to take a quick dip in the warm ocean waters.


Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad.


Celeste and I took a stroll along the beach; and she wrote out my name in the sand!

After a brief exploration of the Las Cuevas we were back on the winding road to Asa Wright Nature Center.  The drive seemed long because of the winding course but it provided some amazing views of Trinidad’s north coast.  It took us about 2 hours to get AWNC; just in time to get a quick lunch and join the tour of the Nature Center.

While we were waiting for our sandwiches, which took more than 30 minutes to make, we were bird-watching as well as watching some of the bird-watchers. There were two bird-watchers with serious camera equipment taking pictures of the birds that were feed below the verandah where we were waiting. There were also several feeds that some of the birds flocked to but they were more interested in the food that was laid out for them on the lower level.

Exotic birds of Trinidad feeding on some fruit and bread.

Exotic birds of Trinidad feeding on some fruit and bread.

Our tour guide was a friendly guy named, Arthur – King Arthur as he proclaimed.  He was a nice guy and was very knowledgeable of the plants and trees and wildlife of Trinidad especially those that are within the AWNC.  He pointed out leaf cutter ant colonies, which can be as deep as 30 feet.  He also pointed out termite colonies.  He explained that termites are edible and have a carroty taste.  He picked up a few and offered the group a taste. Arthur ate one or two to encourage us to try.  Only one woman dared to eat a termite. I don’t eat bugs. Aside from pointing out the insects inhabiting the forest, he showed us some of the exotic birds that lived in the forest.  It was fun to spot the birds especially when we didn’t have binoculars.  I also really enjoyed being in the forest and looking at many of the indigenous plant life that grew and inhabited the forest.  I have to say that the pink powder puff is my favorite; I love the name and the look of the blossom. 

The pink powder puff, very true to it's name.

The pink powder puff, very true to it's name.

The tour was about 2 hours long but it didn’t seem long at all.  Just as we were getting into it and wanting to see more, the tour had concluded for the day and so we were turned around and headed back to the main building.


click on image to view video.


click on image to see more pictures.

click on image to see more pictures.


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