Jemma Seaview Kitchen

We drove to Speyside to have dinner at a restaurant in the trees called, Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen. Celeste recommended it to us. When her mother came to visit her, they went there for lunch. Celeste’s mom had lobster and raved that it was the best lobster she ever had! It was a compelling endorsement and I had I try it for myself.

The drive to Speyside from Crown Point was about an hour. We drove along the east coast as recommended by my friend Celeste. She also warned us the drive was on curvy roads. She wasn’t kidding. Once we passed the town of Scarborough, the winding roads shortly began. It was a bit of a nerve-wrecking ride for me. At times the road seemed very narrow and the road was shared with opposing traffic. And at other times, the turns around the corner would surprise you with cars going the other way. The road was also dotted with villages, which meant there were pedestrians walking along the side of the road.

We left for Speyside around 5pm. There was still some sunlight but by the time we got to Speyside, the sun had set and you can barely make out the north coast of Tobago from the road as we drove into town.

I had called Jemma’s to make sure they were open. They had advised me that their kitchen closes at 8pm and so we would have to be seated by 7:30pm to still be served.

We got to Jemma’s win plenty of time to spare. I could not wait to see this restaurant in the trees. I was not disappointed. Not only was it in the trees, it was also on the beach. Unfortunately, it was night and so we could not see the beach or ocean. We could hear the waves crashing and feel he ocean breeze.

We climbed up some stairs to the highest dining platform. At the time when we arrived there was another small group of people having dinner. We took a seat by the window even youth we couldn’t enjoy the seaviews but it was the bought that mattered.

The menu is limited. There were some fish options in a stew or curried. There were some other meat options. Quite honestly, I wasn’t paying attention to the other items on the menu. My eyes zoomed in on the lobster. It was a spiny lobster and it cost $400 TTD. Celeste also warned me that it was expensive. I was hesitant about going with the lobster but TH encouraged me; it was what I’ve been talking about since arriving in Tobago and the only reason why we came out to Speyside. And with that, I ordered the lobster.

We were served a pumpkin and pea soup as the first course. It was very tasty. It tasted more like pumpkin soup than peas which was good because I don’t like peas.

We also each had an LLB as our refreshing beverage. Lemon-lime bitters is such a great drink! It is produced in Trinidad by the distillers called Angostura.

I was surprised there weren’t more people having dinner at Jemma’s. The amount of space for dining seemed to accommodate lots of people. I eventually realized that the restaurant is probably busiest during lunch time when you can eat your lobster and enjoy the seaview.

When our food arrived, I was surprised to see the enormous plate of lobster presented in front of me. The lobster was split down the middle and drizzled with some kind of seasoned butter and dressed with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. No head, and no claws. Legs and tail. Our entrees also came with four sides. One was rice, slaw, breadfruit covered in cheese, and sautéed vegetables.

A plate of spiny lobster from the seas of Tobago.

Eating the lobster was a bit dangerous but only after you’ve finished eating the tail! When you start getting into the legs and arms, that’s where you have to be careful. It’s a spiny lobster, which means the lobster has pointy spines all over its protective shell particularly at the arms and legs.

The one odd thing is that I had to ask for a nutcracker for the lobster.  I shouldn’t have to ask for it.  The nutcracker should have been brought with the food. It also took them a bit of time to finally get one to me.

I enjoyed the lobster.  The meat was sweet and tender.  The seasoned butter was delicious! It was a satisfying meal.  The sides were good although I only tried two of the 4 sides.  I did not eat the breadfruit or the rice dish.  TH enjoyed watching me eat the lobster.  He was amazed because he does not care to eat shellfish that requires that much effort to consume. I loved the lobster and am used to eating lobster where I have to use my hands.

I think next time we are back in Tobago and I am in the mood for lobster, we will dine during lunch time.  That way we can enjoy the views and spend some time in Speyside.  I read that they have really good diving.

Jemma's Seaview Kitchen, treehouse restaurant.


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