Angostura and aromatic bitters

Thomas is always talking about bitters and how much he loves to drink the stuff. The only thing I knew about bitters was the one I tried when I was studying abroad in Italy by San Pellogrino. It was bitter, and I did not like the taste. Bitters are usually consumed as an appertiff; a sort of prologue to your cocktail or choice of spirits to follow.

I read about Angostura, a distillery company, in the Rough Guide to Trinidad & Tobago. They are famous for their aromatic bitters; and they also produce the country’s choice rum. They offered tours of the distillery, which I thought would be fun and interesting for Thomas.

Upon settling into the Normandie Hotel, Celeste met up with us and we joined the afternoon distillery tour. A few things I’d like to indicate here about the tour. It is by appointment and the tours are for groups. You can try to join a tour if another group has booked the day you decide to go. I tried to call and find out about but had a hard time understanding the information they were telling me over the phone. So we decded to go and see if we could join a tour.

Luckily for us we were able to participate in the tour. The tour is about two hours long and you learn about the distillng process of the armatc bitters as well as the history of the Angostura company. We watched a film that described who founded the distillery and how they developed the recipe of the aromatfoc bitters. They had displays of old records and replicas of instruments used to collect and make the aromatic bitters. There was even an exhibiton room of someone’s extensive butterfly collection. It didn’t really have anything to do with the distilery but it was a nice collection to look at. We went into one if the plants where they were bottling one if the products that the produced. It was loud with all the empty bottles moving along the assembly line. The tour concluded with a tasting where we tried various rums and other spirits. Afterwards, we were invited to purchase the very same products that we tasted in their gift shop. Their gift shop was not duty free. We were also given a booklet of recipes that utilizes their famous aromtic bitters.

If you are interested in the tour, I highly recommend that you take the morning tour that way it leaves the rest of the day for you to do more sightseeing. Our tour started at around 1:30pm and it concluded around 3:30pm.

Angostura Distillery
Eastern Main Road & Angostura Street, 
T: (868) 623 – 1841

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