Cafe Iguana

Cafe Iguana is one of many open air restaurants on the island of Tobago. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as advertised on their banner. The restaurant us easily accessible and conveniently located in the corner of Store Bay Road and Airport Road.

When we stopped by on a Saturdy evening, there was a live band of men playing drums, steel pan, conch shells, maracas, and a grater. The music was lively but the crowd that should be there to show their appreciation was missing.

The menu looked good and interesting. One of the dishes that the Cafe Iguana specializes is a dish called Crazy Legs, which are marinated blue crab legs in a coconut curry sauce. It sounded tasty. We did not have dinner here. Instead, we settled at the Cafe Iguana for breakfast after we went to the House of Pancakes and pulled up to a closed one building. To say the least, I was very disappointed that I could not have breakfast at the House of Pancakes.

Breakfast at the Cafe Iguana wasn’t anything special. You’re better off having breakfast at your hotel (depending on where you stay). The cheapest breakfast option they offered was an egg and cheese sandwich for $22 TTD. The breakfast sandwich was served with whole wheat bread and a few pieces of fruit (quarter slice of pineapple, slice of orange, and a small wedge of watermelon that was not that sweet but certainly juicy). They do not offer fresh juices but juices from boxes. They only have large bottles of water that cost $36 TTD. My traveling companion had their light breakfast, which consisted of a several slices of whole wheat toast, and slices of fruits. The fruits included half a banana, some orange slices, watery tasteless watermelon, pineapple, and apple.

In Trinidad & Tobago, you can pay with TT currency or US currency. Throughout this trip, the exhange rate has been $1 USD to $6 TTD. Well, when I decided to pay with US cash, the manager of Cafe Iguana used his own exchange rate of $1 USD to $5.75 TTD (rip off!).

I came away dissatisfied with the service and the food. I don’t know what dinner would have been like but I don’t think I would try them the next time I’m in Tobago; or at the very least, make sure to have enough TT currency.

Cafe Iguana
Store Bay Local Rd. at Milford Rd.,
Crown Point, Tobago


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