Dinner at Battimamzelle

Although the Normamdie Hotel featured a restaurant, we had dinner at a restaurant called Battimamzelle. It was in walking distance from the Normandie Hotel (a five minute walk), and it is located within another hotel called Coblentz Inn.

We entered the restaurant through the hotel lobby. We were presented two dining area options. We were led into another room with tables and chairs set up for an intimidate dining experience but it was empty. We were then led into another area that was to be their outdoor dining area. It was dimmly lit with lush vegetation and a water fountain. We were seated next to the water fountain. 

The menu looked fantastic!  We ordered the crab ravioli in Thai green curry sauce and a salad with shrimp and scallop with fresh mozzarella cheese. For the entree, we had red snapper with rolled plantains, and geera lampchops with mango chutney.  The dishes were well presented and the food tasted as good as it looked. Each dish was carefully prepared, fresh, and full of flavor. The staff were friendly and attentive. 

We ended out lovely meal with a chocolate creme brûlée with lemon merengue. It was heavenly delicious! Light, chocolaty, with a hint of lemon.

Coblentz Inn
44 Coblentz Avenue,
Cascade, Trinidad
T: 868.621.0591


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