The Crown Point Beach Hotel

The Crown Point Beach Hotel is conveniently located just 2 minutes away from the airport – by foot! And even less time away from the beach!

The CPBH is a large walled in complex that offers guests various accommodations to suit your vacationing needs. All rooms come with a kitchenette. The kitchenette includes a full refrigerator, a toaster oven, and a double hot plate. All rooms face the ocean but it doesn’t mean you get views of the ocean. Our room was on the ground floor. I don’t know if the secnd floor rooms would have gotten better views of the ocean. The CPBH hotel also offers private cabanas, which are not cabanas like on tropical islands with thatched rooves. They are basically private cottages for those travelling as a family or a small group of friends. These cabanas are located on the Hotel’s compound whereas the rooms are attached to the main building.

The CPBH is very close to Store Bay Beach. In fact, there is a private set of stairs that leads you down to the beach from the hotel property.  In fact there is a sign that say that non guests are not permitted to go up further otherwise, you’d be trespassing.

The outdoor pool, bar, and dining area are also located within the main building. In fact, the pool is the first thing you notice just beyond the receptionist desk when you enter the Hotel.

the pool beyond the reception desk.

the pool beyond the reception desk.

The room we were given was for the most part clean and spacious. I must say that there was a giant roach in the shower.

The Hotel is a bit stingy with their towels. Two towels in our room. You can get more towels for use at the pool or beach but each time I tried to get more towels, the person was not there plus there weren’t any towels to be offered. After trying several times, I decided to buy myself a souvenir beach towel at the Store Bay Facilities. It was a nice one depicting the flag and coat of arms of Trinidad and Tobago. It cost $150 TTD.

We had breakfast at the Hotel one morning and it wasn’t anything special or fun. I had friend eggs with a toasted bagel with barely a spread of cream cheese. Orange juice tasted like it was from concentrated.

The Hotel also hosts a gift shop just inside the gates of the walled complex called Bambay. It was opened on Saturday but it was closed Sunday and apparently they do not open on Monday mornings. I don’t know if they open later in the day. They seemed to have nice merchandise and definitely nicer postcards. I don’t know if they also sell stamps.

The one annoying thing that the CPBH lacked was en suite wi-fi. Actually, they offer a 10 minute trial wi-fi Internet access and after that you had to purchase a block of time. Apparently the Internet access belonged to the restaurant. I didn’t quite understand that explanation and I got the sense it was pointless to pursue. However, there is a computer next to the reception desk that provided complimentary Internet access but you had to sign in and sign out; keeping track on who used it and for how long.

Would I recommend it? 
Yes, if you are are looking for convenient location, inexpensive, and no thrills. 


The Crown Point Beach Hotel
 Store Bay Local Road, Bon Accord
T: (868) 639-8781 
F: (868) 639-8731

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