Two days in Tobago

We hit the beaches as soon as we landed in Tobago. We went down to Store Bay beach and rented two chairs under an umbrella for $40 TTD. It was nice to sit and relax on the beach. It was hot and there was a pleasant ocean breeze. There were lots of people on the beach enjoying the sun and ocean. I must admit that I was a little bored just sitting around. That was my fault for having been unprepared to hang out at the beach. I could have brought along my knitting but then again I did not not want to get sand in my project.

that's my pedicured feet in the picture...

that's my pedicured feet in the picture...

The waves of the ocean washed up surprisingly close to where we were sitting. At one point, the waves swept away my flip flops. I wasn’t too worried about losing them. I had a spare. It was fun trying to catch them as the waves washed them in and out. In the end, I did catch my flip flops and placed them on my beach chair to keep them from getting washed away again.

We took a dip in the ocean. The water was warm and clear. I could see fishes swimming by my feet. There were some wave action which added a bit of fun for those playing in the water or just sitting at the ocean’s edge.

I got some lunch; bake and shark. Celeste had old us about it when we were at Maracas Beach. There are lots of bake and shark shacks but supposedly one really popular one. We didn’t try it when we were at Maracas Beach; it was still early and we had breakfast not too long ago.

So I tried the bake and shark at one of the food vendors at the Store Bay facilities. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the B&S; it is basically fried bread dough cut in half and stuffed with shark meat and other delicious condiments. The one that I got at the Store Bay Facilities was no thrills and did not come in a sandwich format.  Instead, my bake and shark came with several pieces of bake, fried shark steak, and a salad. The meal satisfied my curiosity of bake and shark, and hunger. I was surpised by the texture of the shark meat. It was not flaky like many white flesh fish but firm.

Store Bay Beach, Tobago.

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crashing waves amuse the people on the beach...

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Store Bay Beach, Tobago, video 2

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We hung out at Store Bay beach until a little after 1pm and moved onto Pigeon Point beach after we checked into our room. We rented a car and drove to PP beach. I was surprised how close it was even though I consulted a map.

Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago

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Pigeon Point beach is supposedly the best beach on Tobago; very popular. You have to pay to enter PP beach. The entrance to Pigeon Point is guarded with security personnel and a gate. You can rent chairs but no umbrellas so we had to find a spot in the shade. Chair rentals was $10 TTD. Pigeon Point was a nice beach. It was more spread out but shallow. There weren’t rows of people crowding the sandy beaches. At the same time, shaded spots were limited. We were fortunate to find a spot and relaxed. The sun was intense in mid afternoon. I could feel my skin cook where the sun penteated through the canopy of tropical palm leaves.

The next day we went snorkeling. We drove out to Bucco Bay where there is another beach and where we were meeting our guide, Johnson of Johnson & Son. They were one of the people recommended by the Rough Guide to Trinidad and Tobago. He was also the only one who was willing to take just two people snorkeling whereas some of the other places I called listed in the Rough Guide took groups of four or more.


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TH is big on beach vacations and water recreational activities such as snorkeling and diving. He has raved on many occassions how amazing it is to be under water and to swim with the exotc and tropical fishes. I can’t say that I share his enthusiasm but I do admire it.

This was my first time snorkelling. I can’t swim in deep water and had some reservations about snorkeling but was willing to give it a try after a bit of coaxing and persuasion from TH.  Johnson took us first to Bucco Reef where TH explored the reef and swam with the fishes.  He looked really happy to be in the ocean. Johnson then took us to Nylon Pool, which is a pocket in the ocean that is of clear water and it is shallow enough for me to snorkel comfortably. The Nylon Pool had some fishes but not exotic ones found in the reef. Nylon Pool was named by Princess Margaret. In fact, she spent her honeymoon in Tobago.  Johnson took us by boat to the house where she stayed during her honeymoon. 

The cost for Johnson to take us snorkeling in the Bucco Reef and Nylon Pool was $250 TTD (approx. $40 USD) per person.  
If you are interested in hiring him for snorkeling, you can reach Johnson and Sons at 868.639.8519

TH and I went for lunch before his next appointment for diving. We had lunch at Pigeon Point next door to the Conrado Beach Resort. That’s where I had my first ginger beer.  It was refreshing and tasted great!

Shandy's ginger beer.

Shandy ginger beer.

The diving company TH signed up with was Manta Dive Center; they are P.A.D.I certified. The diver’s name was Dion.  The dive took place at Store Bay Beach and they departed from the beach as opposed to the boat. I stayed on the beach and just hung out.  I walked along the beach and found two crabs. They’re fast suckers and would scuttle away as I came closer to them to take a picture.

crab at a step

crab at a step

crab scuttling away as I tried to take it's picture.

crab scuttling away as I tried to take it's picture.

After about 40 minutes, TH and the diving guide emerged from the ocean.  He had a wonderful time!

For dinner, we drove to the other end of Tobago to Speyside to eat at a restaurant my friend, Celeste, told me about.  It is a treehouse restaurant.  She had went there with her mom previously and her mom raved about their lobster as the best lobster she has ever had!  The restaurant is called Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen (check back soon to read my dining experience at Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen).  The drive from Crown Point to Speyside is about an hour, and we drove along the east coast of Tobago. I must indicate that the road leading to Speyside starts off straight but after you leave the town of Scarborough and the road begin to take on a curvy and narrow road that you share with opposing traffic so if you’re not a seasoned left side driver, do not attempt to drive fast along the curvy roads.

For some snorkeling:
Johnson and Sons at 868.639.8519 

For some diving:
Manta Dive Center, Ltd. S-20047
Pigeon Point Road
Pigeon Point, Tobago


Ph.: (868) 678-3979
Fax: (868) 639-9969

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