The Botanical Garden

We had some time before checking out of the Normandie Hotel and meeting Celeste who was going to take us to a place to have the best roti in Trinidad!  TH and I decided to take a walk to the Botanical Garden, which wasn’t far from The Normandie Hotel. It’s about a 5 minute walk. The Botanical Garden is situated next to the President’s residence.  The President’s residence is guarded with guards dressed in white.  You won’t confuse it for the Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden is open to the public.  The garden is small compared to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and is home to a huge variety of exotic and tropical trees and plants.  There wasn’t a collection of flowers that was open to the public.  It was a nice morning walk although I must say it was rather humid that morning; the first time I felt the humidity since arriving five days ago. It wasn’t bad; or rather, as bad as the humidity I have to deal with in NYC.

The collection of  plants and trees was impressive. For sure, I won’t see anything like that back home.  The zoo is also next door but we didn’t have time to check that out.  We could hear the exotic birds as we walked around the Botanical Garden.


click on image to see more images of the exotic plants and trees...

click on image to see more images of the exotic plants and trees...

It’s a worth the visit; and it’s free! We went around 10am and there were hardly any people there.


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