Flying with Caribbean Airlines

My first trip down to the Caribbean and so I thought it would be appropriate to fly down with Caribbean Airlines. Checking in was still person to person as opposed to the self check-in machines that many airlines are adopting. There wasn’t a limit of how many luggage you were permitted to check-in. 

On this particular flight down to Port-of-Spain, the plane we were flying in was an airbus. Rows of three seats on either side of a single aisle. The seats were not comfortable. In fact, they were hard for upholstered seats. I’m not sure if the seats were just old and the cushions have given way from extensive use or if it was intentionally made that way. The plane seemed clean, or at the very least, tidy. This particular flight was full. There were also young children on this flight so the ramblings of young children could be heard.

The one annoying thing about this flight from JFK to POS was the noise from the plane. The noise sounded like a muffled rumbling of a plane engine. I know I’m not describing it really well. It sounds like I’m inside a propeller plane (if that illustrates a better sound description). The only other time I flew on a plane with this kind of noise level was on Czech Air (and I did not like flying with them).

When it was time to take off, we were number 18 on the queue of planes that were taking off that morning. It was odd to watch our plane move slowly for take off while the other planes pull away from their gates and raced to get in line for take off. Being #18 meant that it would be about another 30 minutes before take off.

We were served breakfast on this morning flight. Breakfast was a plain omelet with some tomato sauce. A croissant with butter, orange juice from concentrate, and a Nature Valley granola bar.

breakfast is served...

breakfast is served...

what's for breakfast?

what's for breakfast?

The in-flight movie was supposed to be Madagascar 2 but they showed James Bond: Quantum of Solace.

On the return flight back to JFK from POS Piarco International Airport, we were delayed because the captain was stuck in traffic. It wasn’t until around 7pm that we began to board the plane when we should have departed at 5:30pm!

On top of that, the flight connected in Trinidad was from Guyana. The people on the plane that were continuing onto JFK were stuck on the plane for about an hour before they were permitted to get off and walk about the gate area to get a snack at the gift shop.

The return flight movie was also James Bond: Quantum of Solace. We were also served a meal too; chicken quiche with a bag of chips and chocolate wafers. 

what's for dinner?

what's for dinner?

The flights to and from Tobago were short, sweet, on time, and comfortable. The flight between the two sister islands was only 20 minutes. The plane that we flew in was one of those propeller planes and we boarded the plane on the tarmac. The seats were way more comfortable and had more cushion in the seat. Very odd that the 20 minute flight should be more comfortable than the long distance flight.

Though the flight was short, the flight was picturesque and it was nice to see Trinidad and the coast from the skies.

click on image to see some aerial views...

click on image to see some aerial views...


In general, I as satisfied with Caribbean Airlines.  The flight attendant were professional, cordial, and attentive. The seats were short on pillows and blankets.  The planes seemed clean and tidy. The long distant flight was a bit noisy. I would fly with Caribbean Airlines again but I think I would look into other airlines making flights to Trinidad & Tobago and compare prices and airline amenities.


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