To Las Vegas or not to Las Vegas; that is the question.

So my friend, Nicole, announced that she will be participating in Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon, which is held December 6, 2009. Upon hearing about this news, I thought to myself that I’d like to also go to Las Vegas and cheer her on. She’s a great gal and a great friend.  For those of you following my blog, know that I visited Nicole in her hometown of Vancouver where we had a wonderful time playing in the snow and having fun with some dogs.

Nicole has been running for a couple of years and have participated in many marathons.  Her goal is to run in one of the big marathons like the ones in Boston and NYC. I think those are great goals.  And she’s the only person I know who runs in marathons.  In fact, she’s a friend who has had a positive influence on me.  I learned to knit from her and she has inspired me to run even though it is on the occasion, and after listening to her talk about running on The Runner’s Round Table podcast about training for the marathon, I must admit that I am also leaning on participating in a marathon, too, albeit a very short distance one.

I asked TH if he’d like to go to Las Vegas and he said yes but he wanted it to be a short trip.  He warned that we will get bored very fast in Las Vegas.  We’re not gamblers and we’re not nightclub people. I looked into some packages for Las Vegas and the packages were not less than $400 per person for round trip flights and hotel for 2 nights.

I’d like to be there for my friend. I can only imagine the warm happy uplifting feeling one gets when you see people on the side lines cheering you on as  you pound the pavement towards the finish line.

Nicole is planning to stay at the Bellagio Hotel.  I’ve heard good things about the hotel, and was one of my choice hotels to stay when I was interested in the visiting Las Vegas previously but I’m more interested in staying at the Venetian Hotel but that cost more money.  In fact, as a package, it was almost $800 pp for 2 nights and round trip flight. The Bellagio package cost almost $500 pp for 2 nights and round trip flight.

I tried to look outside of for similar packages or deals and so far I haven’t found better deals. I’m not giving up yet.  I’ll keep you posted.


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