Somewhere there is Jeannie on the world wide web…

Not only can you find me on my blog (what you’re reading now), now you can follow me on Twitter; @whereisjeannie.  That’s right.  I have joined the millions of people who are tweeting away about something and everything. In 140 characters or less, you will be updated with where I am, and what I am currently doing or planning to do. Twitter is a useful tool for me when I don’t have a particular subject to add to the blog, as well as a way to get people to visit my blog.

You can also look for me on; specifically – My Posterous. It is a cross between blogging and tweeting; at least that is how I am choosing to use it.  Also, the post are written in the third person. I thought it would be amusing, and offer you (the readers) an alternative point of view from this blog.

I appreciate any creative feedback and/or comments you may have for the wordpress blog or the posterous blog.


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