Staying at the Portland Regency Hotel

After doing a relatively quick research on where to stay while in Portland, I decided to make me reservations at the Portland Regency Hotel. I booked a three night stay at the hotel starting on New Year’s Eve. Let me just add that the hotel also features a spa, which I did not take advantage of. In fact, the full name of the hotel is Portland Regency Hotel and Spa. I glanced at the prices while I was researching for hotels and thought they were kind of pricey for what they were offering. And besides, NYC has some great spas.

The Portland Regency Hotel was originally an armory built in 1895 because the citizens wanted a drill facility for Maine’s National Guard. The armory was built with bathing facilities as well as dormitory for seamen. The armory was later sold to State Paper Storage Company, and then bought to be converted into the hotel that it is today.

The room where I stayed was on the third floor with a single king sized bed. The room was comfortable although I could use some additional square footage. The room only had one window and it was really a skylight. I realized my room was not unique in that the rooms on the third and fourth floors had these skylight windows because of the pitch of the armory roof.

The room appeared to be clean and tidy and well managed with little abuse and use. There was a huge flat screen TV (don’t know the screen size but it was big). No mini fridge or mini bat, which didn’t bother me but it would I’ve been nice if the room had a coffee and tea maker. I don’t want to use room service if I want tea after room service is closed.

The bathrooms were well stocked with fluffy clean towels. Shampoo and shower gels were dispensed in the shower like those offered in gyms or spas so don’t expect much on taking home much bathroom amenities.

The bed was soft; a little too soft for my liking. I did not sleep very well and got a bit of a pinch in my neck-shoulder (probably why they have a spa in the hotel…). Also, I think the pillows are dirty and need to be de-bugged. My head was itchy during my sleep; very annoying. The bed did not seem to inflict any itch during my sleep, which I have experienced at other accommodations. As soon as I returned home, I washed my hair and the itching was gone.

The first night at the hotel was noisy not only because it was new year’s eve. I heard the creaking of another room’s door constantly and the thunder when the door slams shut. The walls are paper-thin. I heard anybody who walked by. Our room was also across from the elevator and the vending machine for sodas and ice.

The hotel has complimentary wifi, which is great! And they have a computer in their lounge with printer. This was a great amenity especially when you are checking-in online and need to print your boarding pass.

The architecture of the armory is beautiful and is of neo-classical style. It works well with the neighboring buildings that says “port city”. The hotel is centrally located in the Old Port of Portland; walking distance to many impressive restaurants and fun shops. Old Port of Portland reminds me of South Street Seaport in NYC but more interesting.

I recommend Portland Regency Hotel and Spa to you but I highly advise that when you make your reservations to specify that your room is not near the elevator or ice machine. I love the hotel’s location. The hotel also provides complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, which is fantastic!

2 responses to “Staying at the Portland Regency Hotel

  1. Jeannie,

    So glad you were able to enjoy Portland from such a central location! We’ve got such a great, “small city” and The Regency is certainly in the center of it all. What did you end up doing for New Year’s?

    If you visit again, I would totally take advantage of the spa because the services are amazing and the providers are most excellent. Even if you just use the jaccuzi, the atmosphere is fabulous. As a local, their spa is a frequent stop for me.

    On a final note, the architecture of the hotel is definitely unique, due to its historic nature. Did you contact the front desk or housekeeping about your concerns re: noise, pillows, etc.? In my previous stays (yes, even as a local, I do indulge once in awhile!) I’ve found them to be very helpful in taking care of issues, particularly if the hotel is not sold out.

    Thanks for a great post – love your blog!

  2. Thank you Stacie for your reading the blog, and I certainly appreciate your comment. I will keep it in mind when I book my stay with them next time. 🙂

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