Visiting Portland Maine

Arrived in Portland, Maine on New Year’s Eve late afternoon after a chaotic morning delay at JFK. Didn’t really have time to explore the city as I had planned (deliberately booked a morning flight so I could do that). Most shops were closed or closing but it was still nice to walk around the city. It snowed earlier in the day and so we were also trekking around carefully in the snow.

There was a chocolate shop called Dean’s Sweets that was about to lock up. They sold handmade chocolate dipped truffles. I bought a box of 8; 2 pieces of the following: Scotch, hot cayenne, orange, and champagne. TH and I enjoyed them the next evening, and let me tell you that these bite size morsels of decadence was just heavenly! OMG! We returned the day after New Year’s and got 16 more pieces (Scotch, Brandy, peppermint, hot coffee, ginger, maple, chocolate stout and cinnamon)! That’s how good they are!

The architecture in the Old Port are characteristic of cities that used to have a busy fishing and importing & exporting industry. Beautiful brick buildings with neo-classical motifs have been converted from warehouses to lofty office spaces while the ground floor provided space for unique boutiques and eateries.

It snowed New Year’s Day. Most shops were closed but we found a few shops that were open. One was a souvenir shop where I got myself a hooded fleeced jacket. I had a coat but it was impractical. The jacket was a nice souvenir from Maine. It has an emblem of a moose on it!

We also went to the local yarn shop, KnitWit Yarn Shop. A very spacious yarn shop on the east end of the city. The shopkeeper was very friendly and helpful. Some of the yarns sold at the shop were familiar; Rowan and Manos del Uruguay. Upon entering the shop, you will see two ginormous knitting mitts! So cute! BF noticed a ball of yarn stuffed at the mail slot of the door to keep the cold air out; he thought it was a good idea. I bought a couple balls of yarn. I saw a wonderful knitted hat in the shop that inspired me to make one for BF; masculine and tweed.

There are two other yarns shops in Portland that we had noticed in reviewing the city map but only had time to go to one and luckily KnitWit Yarn Shop was open!

We went to the local movie theater and watched “Up in the Air”, which was a fantastic movie. We were pleasantly surprised how inexpensive movie tickets are in Portland!

The following day, we went to the Portland Museum of Art, which we had walked by the previous day and they were closed. The current exhibit was Collage: Piecing it Together, and prints by a well known African American artists, David C. Driskell. The museum’s permanent collection was very impressive and worth a visit for art lovers.

We also went to check out Portland Candy Co which was very close to our hotel. It turned out to just be a candy store. I was expecting it to be a unique candy shop that sold sweets that was either distinct to Maine if not handmade in Portland like Dean’s Sweets. I was disappointed but in retrospect I should have picked up a bag of gummy bears for the movies we were going to next.

We went to see Avatar in 3D at the cineplex just outside the city of Portland. BF wanted to see the movie and was all excited about it in 3D. Avatar was a fantastic movie with amazing FX and a very good story despite what other people may have said.

Unfortunately, I did not take too many pictures while visiting Portland due to the snowing when we were out and about. But I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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