Packing for Maine…

On my recent trip to Maine, I was annoyed with the fact that Delta Airlines charged to check-in luggage especially if the luggage was bigger than a TSA size approved carry-on. As a result of this factor, I was forced to pack my travel necessities with a carry-on to avoid having to pay their ridiculous fee. This meant going through what I could or could not travel with especially as it relates to liquid items greater than 4 ounces. Luckily, I was able to find substitutes for my beauty needs.

Samples; are fabulous travel goods. I collect samples when I shop at Sephora. There are certain beauty products that I can not travel without and Sephora is great at getting customers samples when requested. You can either get samples at your local Sephora retail store (purchase not necessary) or online (with purhase).

A carry-on luggage isn’t terribly big. It’s great for a weekend getaway, which was the case when I went to Maine, however, I was going to Maine in the winter! It was cold and it was snowing. I had to pack appropriately; sweaters, warm socks, and layers. And let’s not forget the single dress piece with dress shoes! I also needed to bring a pair of snow boots but I didn’t want to wear them to the airport. Plus, it wasn’t snowing in NYC, and I didn’t want to look ridiculous. And lets not forget about shoe removal for security check; Thanks “Shoe-bomber”! I knew I could not fit my Northface snowboots in the carry-on. Instead, I packed my Hunter boots. That’s right! I was able to pack my tall rain boots. I stuffed them with faux fleece inserts they are not insulated and the cold cuts through the rubber rain boots. I wrapped the rain boots in plastic bags and laid them down first. Then jeans followed on top along with the rest of my clothes.

I have lots of bulky sweaters which could not even begin to fit in the carry-on. Cashmere sweaters are the way to go for winter trips, or trips to cold and snowy destinations. They’re lightweight, thin, and very warm (when worn over a shirt or tee). I know they’re not cheap but well worth the investment.

The dress was protected in the garment sleeve that came with the carry-on and secured to the lid. The dress shoes were each wrapped in plastic bags and placed in the front compartment of the carry-on luggage.

Important note: Don’t forget to bring your slippers or fip flops. I forgot to pack them and was tip toeing across the hotel room…

I could not believe what I was able to actually fit in a carry-on especially for a winter trip. In a way, I was glad that I was able to just take along a carry-on and learned about packing essential items and getting by with alternates.


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