A new camera

I recently purchased a digital SLR camera. It’s been several years since I’ve taken photos with a regular SLR; and it’s been a few years since I taken photos with my first digital camera, a Sony Mavica MVC-CD400. For the last couple of years I’ve been taking pictures with a digital point and shoot. I wanted a break from the manual controls. I wanted to take pictures and do it quickly as well as conveniently. But I wasn’t satisfied with the quality.

I have always had a great appreciation for the art of photography. Some people may not agree that photography is an art form. For me, photography can be anything the eye of the beholder wants this medium to be. I use photography in my travels; to try to capture and document the essence of where I am visiting.

I’ve looked around for my next digital camera, a digital SLR for a few years; on and off. I had my eye on a Leica but it was pricey for just the name when the megapixels were not at the level with the other names like Canon and Nikon, which cost less. But how I wanted to own a Leica…

As I mentioned earlier that my first digital camera was a Sony and so I thought I would stay loyal. I was very happy with the Mavica. It had always been reliable for my use until it started to slowly fail on me. I still have it.  I’ve attended one of those photography trade shows at the Javit  Center (2007). It was overwhelming! If you’ve never been, it’s a massive trade show for every photography enthusiasts’, hobbiests’, professionals’ and students’ wet dream! (I can say that, it’s my blog!) I tried the latest Sony Alpha camera. It was one heck of a piece of equipment. There were so many button, options, menus, features; I realized I was in over my head. That kind of put me off from looking for a DSLR.

This year, I was serious about getting a camera. I wanted to get back into manual settings and photography. I wanted a camera for my next and future travels. And I wanted to get myself comfortable and familiar with the camera and the controls before my next trip.  I went straight to dpreview.com; the most comprehensive online camera review resource ! Their review and analysis is very thorough. I looked at a couple of the latest Canon cameras they recently reviewed along with the Nikon and other camera manufacturers.  The Canons interested me but the price was a bit much for someone who was returning to SLR type cameras and wanted to start with more than just basic but not full featured. And then I read the review for the Canon EOS 550D. There were a couple of key phrases that really answered my requirements; it was a baby version of the Canon 7D (I was eyeing until I saw what it cost) and I also read that it was a good entry SLR camera. I had decided right then that will be my camera.

There were a couple of accessories I needed to sort out, like getting  the proper high security storage media (Extreme SDHC 16gb Class 10 by ScanDisk $109)  and a Canon UV filter ($10) to protect the lens. The only thing I want to get is a proper case. I don’t want a bulky camera bag, and actually, I’d really like to get a fitted case for the Rebel T2i. I have yet to find one that is suitable. Right now, the camera is placed in a small Hello Kitty tote.

It didn’t take me long to figure out some of the manual settings. I am really impressed with the quality of the images captured. The lens is basic and is great for close-ups and capturing views  within 20′ feet. I love the auto-focus switch, one less thing to worry about when taking a picture while selecting your settings especially when you’re trying to acquaint yourself with the camera.

I definitely would like to get a lens that will allow me to shoot from afar. Will have to get recommendations and see what they cost. I may also consider a strap for the hand instead of using the typical strap that hangs from the neck. I don’t like the idea of the LCD screen bumping up against me and potentially getting scratched from a zipper
or button.

I haven’t used it extensively but I must say that I am extremely happy with the Canon Rebel T2i. The image quality is amazingly detailed and sharp. The colors are precise. And the controls and buttons are almost intuitive. I love the size, and it’s not too heavy (even with the lens).  I highly recommend this camera to anyone who’s interested in digital SLR photography.

Do you own this camera? I’d love to hear your thought and recommendations for lens and other accessories. Please leave a comment.


One response to “A new camera

  1. Congrats Jeannie! I just received my first digital SLR and I really am enjoying it, quite a bit. Just getting out there and learning to sync my eye, brain and “trigger finger” has been interesting. dch

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