A first for everything!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted but if you follow my tweets, you’ll know that I’ll be traveling to England soon. No, it’s not my first time to England. A friend and I visited London back in 2001 shortly after the 9/11 attack. I’m looking forward to returning to England and visiting other parts of the country, which will be our first (TH and I). And I’d like subscribers and twitter followers to participate in our journey through England with a first ever contest.


Each day during our trip of England, I will post a photo or photos on the blog and via Twitter of where I am. All you have to do is post a comment on the blog associated with the photo(s) or send me a tweet of the attraction and location. I will randomly pick a winner with the correct answer at the end of the day. Winners will receive a postcard from me of the destination as my thanks for your interest and participation.

I will contact you via email if you posted on the blog or Twitter (thru DM) for your mailing address. Your mailing addresses will not be forwarded onto anybody else. It will be erased once the postcard is sent off.

Yes, the prize is very modest; sorry no cash or valued prizes. I don’t have any travel sponsors who have things for me to give-away.

So to re-iterate; in what I hope will be a fun contest; there are two ways to participate:

If you are a reader or subscriber to my blog-

Post a comment on the specific post of the published photo(s).

Comment must contain the name of the attraction, and most importantly, the location, town and city/province.

If you follow my tweets.

“Reply” to the specific tweet linkin to photo(s) with the name of the attraction, and most importantly, the location, town and city/province.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.


4 responses to “A first for everything!

  1. Hi Jeannie,

    What a wonderful idea. In 2002, I explored Britain and the Arthurian sites, for the first book in my “Sons of Avalon” saga.

    I feel hopelessly in love with the English countryside and more importantly, with the English people.

    The high point of my trip was walking the inner-circle of Stonehenge. Touching the Dancing Stones was an experience that I shall never forget.

    I look forward to following your future blogs, and thank you for taking us on your holiday.

    Dee Marie

  2. Thank you Dee Marie for your wonderful comment. I look forward to seeing England which will be one of many visits as I make my way up north of the UK.

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