SwTiJ: England travel contest – UPDATE 1

First I would like to apologize for not posting sooner to the blog. I thought it would be easy to post the contest clues to the blog so those who are subscriber would be able to take part. It seems that my wifi access is not as smooth as I thought. I am getting a hang of it and I think it will take a little planning on my part so that I will be able to post the pic with clues on the blog with the next contest and not just via Twitter.

I am getting some good responses on the contest. I’m happy to announce there are two winners of my travel contest (so far), Somewhere there is Jeannie in England.

The first image I posted to Twitter was an imposing structure that once fortified the town of Rye; the Land Gate.

The Land Gate, Rye, East Sussex

The winner who guessed correctly is @scarpadog, an architect from Glasgow. CONGRATULATIONS!!

The next day, we hit two destinations. One is a place where tales are made and showed the following picture.

Canterbury Cathedral

The winner of this is @OneMoreKnight who is campaigning for Phil Collins to be knighted. CONGRATULATIONS!!

The second destination was a little tricky. I posted these two pictures:


Front face of Leeds Castle.



View of Leeds Castle from across the moat.


Unfortunately, nobody  guessed this, which as you can see from the caption is Leeds Castle.

Postcards will be sent out to winners.

Stay tuned for more posts and announcements of winners! Good luck!


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