SwTiJ: England travel contest – UPDATE 2

First, I’d like to thank all who have participated or have read the blog. I certainly appreciate the time you’re taking to read this and/or the tweets. I hope it’s been fun and interesting for you as it is for me to make this up as I go. As you know, this is the first time I’m doing this and I am finding some kinks in the process of posting while on the go when wifi access isn’t always reliable and I have to conserve battery life while we navigate through this country.

I would also like to take the time to apologize for being impatient. As a result, I’ve goofed on some of the postcards to winners – nothing serious but mistakes I should have not made. The mistakes have and will be corrected and hopefully as we progress with our travels, I will not make more mistakes.

And now, to announce the winners!

SwTiJ: England Day 3 travel contest 1

Today we went to see a house whose name is the same as the town. It is also known as the house of art. The house displays lots of artwork by artists such as William Turner, Van Dyck, Sir Godfrey, and William Blake. The house has a large garden property with two temples styled in Doric and Ionic.
To get there, we traveled north along A283 passing through towns such as Steyning and Storrington.

The winner is @scarpadog who guessed Petworth House correctly.

SwTiJ: England Day 3 travel contest 2

In the afternoon, we drove about an hour north from our first destination to a country residence not too far from London. The air was fragrant with wisteria however the roses were not in bloom yet, and the trees reminded me of ice cream pop.

The winner is @runningbebe who guessed Hampton Court Palace correctly.

SwTiJ: England Day 4 travel contest 1

We were heading westward along A303 when we noticed from a distance a familiar ancient Druid ruin. People have speculated it’s purpose, perhaps a calendar?

Do you know where I was?

The winner is @ginnypowell who guessed Stonehenge correctly.

Congratulation to the latest winners, and thank you for your participation! Stay tuned for more travel contest clues and look forward to announcing your name as a winner!


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