SwTiJ: England travel contest – UPDATE 3

I have two winners! They are @scarpadog and @GinnyPowell.

@scarpadog who guessed correctly all 3 of England Day 5 will receive a postcard from each location visited.

SwTiJ: England Day 5 travel contest 1

We were on the road heading to the farthest west point of England along A30. When we arrived, we saw endless waves and sand. The town is famous for arts and specialty crafts. Our first destination was a satellite of the main London location. It holds modern works of expression, ideas, objects, and thoughts.

Do you know where we were today? (sorry no pictures)

Answer: St. Ives Tate

SwTiJ: England Day 5 travel contest 2

In the same seaside town, we went to a former home and studio where this person once created beautiful things. Now, visitors come and enjoy what remains of her creations in stone and metal but mostly stone. Her works are displayed in a beautiful garden.

Do you know where we were today? (sorry no pics)

Answer: Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

SwTiJ: England Day 5 travel contest 2

This is a tough one and may require a bit of fun research. We went to see another famous artist’s studio also in the same seaside town. He created his art by throwing his material with his masterful hands and then giving it life with a breath of fire. Though he is famous for his craft, his wife and son carry on the tradition.

Where did we visit? (sorry no pics)

Answer: Bernard Leach Studio

@GinnyPowell is also a winner for guessing correctly the city I am currently visiting, and will receive a postcard of the city.

After spending a lovely couple of days in Devon and Cornwall, we are making our way along A361 westward to connect to the M5 where we will travel north to a little sister city that was once a home to Romans.

Hint 1: People visit this city for it’s shops, and to be pampered.

Hint 2: A city where rubber duckies feel at home.

Hint 3: passing thru a city to connect to A4 going west.

What city am I heading to?
(sorry no pics)

Answer: Bath, UK

Congratulations to @scarpadog and @GinnyPowell and thank you for your participation!!


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