Our England Itinerary

The itinerary was based on several factors. I wanted to experience England in a more country setting (lush landscapes) and some small towns (local markets and shops featuring local products). TH wanted to see amazing period architecture and interiors. With this in mind, we came up with the following…

Our itinerary began with Rye, a small town and a great base to see nearby attractions such as Canterbury Cathedral and Leeds Castle. We stayed a night in Winchester after having visited Petworth House and Hampton Court. Hampton Court was TH’s highlight of the day. The town of Winchester was also a good place to spend the night before heading to Devon and Cornwall; a long drive as it was. I was very keen on seeing Devon and Cornwall; especially after I heard Ricky Gervais make an indirect comment about Cornwall in one of his audiobook series as well as seeing pictures capturing the beautiful landscapes of Devon and beaches of Cornwall. There is also an art community in Cornwall that I wanted to explore. Following our brief stay in the West Country, we went to Bath where we had a relaxing day at the new spa facilities, Therme Spa, which uses the same natural hot springs as back when the Roman’s occupied these parts. After rejuvenating ourselves with some R&R we headed up north to York to see an amazing cathedral, York Minster. We then proceeded to head south to Windsor to visit the Queens’s weekend home, and spent a night before ending up in London. At the same time, I was conducting a travel contest-scavenger hunt where I blogged and tweeted hints of my location, and participants who guessed correctly would receive a postcard from me.

You may think that the above is a lot to cover in just two weeks and in retrospect, I would agree, however I would not have known this had we not followed through with the itinerary as laid out. Plus, given the success of this trip with TH, it means that I can suggest going to England again with out TH disagreeing.

If you would like to read more details of our trip to England, stay tuned as I upload more stories and pictures. You may also consider subscribing to this blog and get notified when the next post will be up with more information about our recent adventure in England.


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