Somewhere there was Jeannie in York, part 1

After a relaxing visit in Bath, we made a long drive north to the city of York. Like the city of Bath, York was also an ancient Roman settlement and there are many remnants of the old fortification around the city as well as other medieval and Viking structures that give York it’s unique urban history. To read more about the wall that surrounds York, click here.

One of the main features of York is York Minster, a Gothic cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in England. The interior is also very impressive in its scale, space, and quality of natural light that filters in.

York Minster exterior
York Minster exterior

York Minster
Chapel ceiling

As I mentioned earlier, York has many remnant stone structures of its Roman and medieval past. Clifford Tower sits on top of a hill and located in a middle of a car park. We climbed up the stair leading up to the tower, and then continued to the top of the tower where we got a fantastic view of York on that hot late spring afternoon.

We walked around the rest of the afternoon and again in the evening peering into shop windows and reviewing menus of restaurants before turning in for the night.

Clifford Tower
Overlooking York

There's York Minster

York Minster at dusk

Bootham Bar


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